It’s Star Trek’s 40th Birthday Today!

September 10, 2006

stcapt.jpgWell I am 50 minutes late with my belated wish to Star Trek a happy 40th anniversary. As many of you know Star Trek has been in my life, very important to me and I would not be the person I am today if it never existed. I would probably never have taken an interest in filming, production, props, I do owe some of that to the advent of Star Trek 40 years ago yesterday.

Although I was never a huge fan of Star Trek TOS as it was obviously way before my time, I did grow up watching Star Trek – The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. The original series movies (Star Trek TMP – TUC) were very well known to me and I always appreciated them. It was not until more recently that I appreciated in full the original series, for its quirks, jerks and overall coolness. I am pleased to say that I am a fan of every Star Trek production save the Animated series, but I never saw that.

I remember watching All Good Things the finale of the Next Generation back in 1994, I remember going to see Michael Dorn at the Century Center in South Bend, Indiana in 1992 or ’93 and getting his autograph and the great little joke that my brother had with his assistant – here I will share it with you:

I was 7 years old and quite scared as we were waiting on a catwalk with so many people on it, it was shaking. We were waiting to get our Star Trek collector’s cards signed by Michael Dorn. He played Worf for those of you who are uninitiated. My brother was holding my soon to be signed baseball card as well as his own and Michael’s assistant said to him:

“Only one autograph per person…”

To which my brother replied with his brilliant 10 year old innocence.

“I am only one person.”

Dorn was quite amused (My mother has told me he actually laughed out loud, but I can’t remember it personally) by this and proceeded to sign our baseball cards! That is one hell of a fun memory of Star Trek for me.

When Enterprise’s last episode aired, the death of Commander Tucker and of course the larger “death” of Star Trek weighed heavily on my mind and my emotions. I likened it to loosing a lifetime friend. I know it might sound sickening to some but I don’t care. I loved Star Trek, it used to be one of the most important things in my life and when it was over, it really hurt. Thankfully today started and my first thought was not “It’s Star Trek’s Birthday!” I actually had to be told by someone, and I was not planning on writing anything and then I realized if I didn’t write this, I would not have another 40th Birthday for trek to celebrate.

So as another Star Trek movie is being made, god knows what it is about as I am not keeping up with it. Last I heard something about Kirk and Spock in the academy. I wish Star Trek many happy returns, happy birthday and happy anniversary and most of all THANK YOU.


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