Leaving the Global Geek Podcast!

September 8, 2006

As you might have heard by now, I will be leaving the Global Geek Podcast after this coming Sunday. I am leaving for mainly personal reasons, I would like to more actively pursue a career and focus more on my education. Dave and I have not fallen out and there is and has been no tension between us in this matter.

I may be leaving the Global Geek Podcast, but the show is going to continue on. Dave Gray, my co-host is now on the hunt and has an opening for a new co-host. You should definitely check out his post for becoming the new host on his blog as he explains is far better than I can, and of course it is now his show.

At the beginning of this week, GGP number 17 was released. I personally believe it was our best show ever. I thought the dialogue and content was good and as usual Dave’s post-production takes the raw track to another level. I could not have asked for a better second to last show. What would make my last show, number 18 a brilliant one would be a pile of emails and ODEO messages with tryouts for the new co-host!

Thanks again for your support over the last 6 months, and if you have been with me podcasting since my From the Director’s Chair show was on the net-waves, 10 months. I am not dropping off the planet, my blog will still be here, and you can still email or Skype me! Stay tuned for the podcaster’s experience an overview of the last 10 months here on SebRT.com and of course more interviews.

The Global Geek Podcast can be reached at www.globalgeekpodcast.com

Dave Gray, my co-host’s blog can be reached at www.roostersrail.com


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