Is Skype Responsible For Diminishing Call Quality?

August 13, 2006

skypeIs it just me or is Skype actually loosing quality with every incremental upgrade they do to the product. January of this year, I cannot remember these constant call drops and interference / unable to connect problems.

I have a hypothesis as to what Skype might be doing. It is possible that they are diminishing the quality of the free service in increments with each release as they might be planning to release some sort of premium, pay service soon that will offer perfect calling reception, guaranteed. If they do this, they will be able to charge for the service, and people will pay to ‘get back’ their call quality that they had become accustomed to from Skype.

There is the possibility that the increase in webcam and audio Skype conversations will “choke” the Skype network, but I think they would have prepared for such an eventuality when building the new video Skype service.

This is just a conspiracy theory, but it would explain a few things wouldn’t it?

Has Skype been getting worse for you as well?

What do you think is the cause?


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