Nobody’s Here…

July 21, 2006

screamingThere is absolutley no reason for you to be here right now because I have blogger’s-block, aka BB. I am unable to think of anything worth saying more than this.

I think its the weather – Like I have said before. It’s damned hot to think.

Anyways – Check out the Global Geek Podcast site for blogging from Dave for the podcast where you at least see a blog that isn’t about a blog. It’s probably because it’s winter in Austalia (Where Dave Is)

I thought I would add loads of tags so you could all see what is going on (what isn’t)

But I lost interest – requires too many pushes with my thumb, which for some reason today does not feel opposable.

Run along and find something else to read this time, but make sure you read the archieves before you leave! And make sure you come back soon – As I am sure this blockage will be clear soon! I have called the plumber!


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