Hands Off The Weed Killer, Bush Might Be Blooming

July 16, 2006

“I regret…uhh…”

I am not the most patriotic of folk. I love my country, for what it should be, not for what it stands as right now. I have had absolutely no faith in this President. He has always seemed far too trigger-happy and nonchalant to me, never actually instilled any glimmer of trust or humanity in anyone.

The above video, where President Bush confesses his regret for saying “Bring It On” really shows another side to the President that I have not seen before. For once, he opened his mouth, and something useful came out, and he endeared himself to me on a more human level than I thought was possible (For Him). Because the President has his speeches written for him, and he usually stutters and pauses, and really is not a very good public speaker at all, I usually regard his speeches with the same importance I regard a commercial for toilet roll. We of course need the toilet paper but we don’t need all the “shit” that goes with it. In this case what he said came from him, from the horses mouth, to coin a phrase.

I am amazed and pleased to say for the first time in his administration; George W. Bush made me proud of what he said. It takes a bully to say “Bring it On.” In his own words, they “That’s fighting talk” but it takes an even bigger man to stand up and say he was wrong, and regrets what he has said. But as the song goes, You Can’t Put a Bullet Back Into a Gun, maybe there should be a verse added about telling countries you’re prepared to fight them, and then wishing you didn’t say it later.

When you watch President Bush saying that he regrets saying “Bring It On” you will understand why he said the right thing, this time. This of course does not bring all the lives back that we have lost in this “so called war” that supposedly ended years ago which I will not beat a dead horse about. We all have our views, mine is that we have no business in Iraq and we never did. The only reason this administration is keeping our troops there is because they do not want to loose something that in my opinion has been lost for a while now. Their credibility.

I am glad Mr. Bush has learned some lessons about expressing himself in a more sophisticated manner. And he is smart to realize his words can be misinterpreted, but how can you misinterpret “Bring it On” or “Wanted Dead of Alive.” If this situation helps him to figure out that you shouldn’t talk like that in the big man’s world, I truly hope that the rest of the world can learn this lesson without a similar death toll. I read that the decision to enter Iraq without the Security Council will probably be remembered as one of the biggest mistakes post World War II. I am not sure what will be remembered if they continue they way they are going, or who will be around to remember it. All he is saying is he is sorry, and that is a start.

This article was Dugg this morning, thank you to the digger, it is most apreciated. See the article HERE.




One Response to “Hands Off The Weed Killer, Bush Might Be Blooming”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And that is supposed to make it allright? I remind you that coallition troops hafe killed and slaughtered 700.000 people already in Iraq alone. This president has caused that USA citizens are person non grata in majority of the world. We are looking at the worst human rights violations since WWII. The USA government is holding up a fake war against “terror” and we are supposed to beileve this shit. George Bush is an anticrist who has been killing most of his proffesional life. In my mind he goes in the same catigory as Hitler. He is surely far worse than Saddam Hussein ever was.

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