Will Machines Soon Be The Dominant Species on Earth?

July 4, 2006

The article “Web 2.0: Dumber and Dumberer?” on the “Evolving Trends” blog discusses the “dumbing” down effects of Web 2.0 on society and analyses the current situation in the web 2.0 “community.” The author’s comparison of a Chess Game of man against machine to describe the current state of affairs with the battle of IQ’s eg. Making computers smarter than humans, is most interesting. The article covers an intriguing suggestion of what Web 3.0 might be, and finally addresses the philosophical and religious standpoints you could take. The following is a direct quote from the article.

Going back to the chess game metaphor, this is only the first half of the first step in evolution’s potential plan to make software smarter than man (and checkmate man with his own invention.) This part of evolution’s potential plan to make software smarter than man is being executed by the ‘crowd’ and is enforced by the false notion of the ‘wisdom of crowds.’

The InternetThe article on “Evolving Trends” is most interesting as it asks the question where is Web 2.0 leading? It also asks the subliminal question of, are we making our computers and the internet smarter than man itself?

I do not agree with the author of the post on a few points. For example the notion that the internet is going to be engineered in such a way that people become of lower intellectual capacity. If this was going to happen, I would say that it would have already occurred. When you look around in the internet society, people are already dependant to the point of addiction on their PCs and the internet, but I think the complete turnaround of the computers becoming dominant sounds a little Terminator! And there is always the off switch if in the unlikely case a machine gets out of hand!

I am going to take the opposite side of the negotiating table and plead for man’s superiority. I think that as computers become more “intelligent” whether it be AI or just what they are capable of “doing” (Without being told exactly what to do) that the average human being will remain relative to today’s standard of IQ, but the advanced human who makes use of the new intelligent technology will become smarter for it. As evident in history, the caveman who discovered that he could make fire was warmer for it, he was also able to cook and provide illumination, thus he was more advanced than other cavemen who didn’t use, or had not discovered fire. The advanced “cyber-humans” are already being created in that there is a seperate thought pattern in the “geek community” and it is spreading to the community at large.

What is going to change in Web 3.0?

At this point, this author could point out something that Bill Gates said: “We will never need a bigger Hard Drive than this!”*

It is a good thing that people are not saying that the Internet will never need better practices than what is now accepted as Web 2.0! If they were they might be accused in 10 years of a similar blunder to Mr. Microsoft’s there.

I will leave you with the thought that Web 3.0 is a long way off at this point, as we have just embarked on the journey of Web 2.0, and it is growing all the time. We may find that by the time we are ready to say “Web 3.0 is here” it has in-fact grown above and beyond this notion.

Who knows, maybe the internet will one day be hardwired into one’s head and all these monitors and keyboards will be usless scrap.

*Bill Gates famously said that we would never need a Hard Drive bigger than around 800K


One Response to “Will Machines Soon Be The Dominant Species on Earth?”

  1. maverick Says:

    hi sebastian ….

    i concur with what u have to say especially the caveman bit ….
    history has shown that there are always those who are suspicious and downright dogmatic about their views and opinions pertaining to new technologies ( i need not mention who, what, where… )

    better technology in the end, after having said everything saves “TIME” for man,,,, and as everybody knows …. “TIME IS EVERYTHING”..

    so we should all embrace new technology…. and view it as a stepping stone for the future ….


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