Technorati linked me to a bogus survey!

July 2, 2006

I must say that I was pretty disappointed when I followed a link from Technorati that promised money if I fill out a survey! I figured a link from Technorati would pretty genuine! Well think again! Apparently this has been talked about already, it must not have done any good because the link is still there tricking people!

I went to fill out a survey that said it was for bloggers and most of all said they would pay you to do it. When I clicked the link I was inducted into a site where I could answer their questions, they asked me what kind of website I had, what I did, what kind of traffic, and then after about 10 minutes of answering questions it said that it was sorry and that I am not what they need and deposited me back at their home page!

I was understandably perplexed and disappointed that the ad was basically untrue, I was not told I would not be “payed” the “incentive” as the company describe the compensation for your time.

I would like to know why Technorati are advertising a company that is clearly not following through with what they say they are doing.

Have you been tricked by this? What do you think of this problem, if it has already been raised on other blogs, and it is still displayed on Technorati tricking people (me)



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