We Stand As One – At Least According to This Guy!

July 2, 2006

UPDATE: 6/7/2006 7:25 PM GMT

I just spoke with Dennis Madalone about an hour ago! What a gentleman! You never know what to expect when you call someone, especially just out of the blue. His answering service was extremely efficient and kind and Dennis called me back about 20 minutes later!

We have a nice conversation about the music video and his Star Trek work. We spoke about a couple of features from him here on SEBRT and he was most enthusiastic about it.

Expect to hear from him in the form of a comment here, and more very soon!

UPDATE: 6/7/2006 10:25 AM GMT

Thank you to Brenden of Falcon Twin for letting me know who the artist is!

Dennis Madalone, is a Hollywood stunt coordinator, that has worked believe it or not on Star Trek! Not only has he produced a song that has found it’s way into my playlist, but he has worked on Star Trek, which gives anyone a boost in my book!

I have plans to contact Mr. Madalone via the phone number on his website today and talk to him about his song, something is telling me to do it, and who am I to argue with the “something in the back of my head” ?

If we are really lucky Dennis might find the time to come and comment here on the blog after I speak to him, that would certainly be very cool if he did.

Having watched the video another 10 or more times since I wrote this article, I know why it was the most downloaded video on VH1’s charts, it really is excellent.

I was just digging through my HDD doing some spring cleaning when I came across this video and I went and found it on YouTube.

I know this is a little corny, but I truly wanted to share this as something serious. I think the story is important, and real. I am usually the last person to go who-hah over wild patriotic stuff and I was irritated when the news service covered 9/11 911 times but this is certainly worth watching.

America – We Stand As One seems very 80’s band, I don’t know who this guy is but I think the delivery, editing, music, is really good and it says what needs to be said. You can tell he really does care, unless he is a really good actor.

If you set aside the corniness for a 3 minutes and accept the message, I bet the song stays in your head for a few hours… it has been in mine.. enjoy!



4 Responses to “We Stand As One – At Least According to This Guy!”

  1. Bman Says:

    Wikipedia to the rescue, as ever:


    But personally, I think this video speaks to me more.


    And the lyrics are a lot catchier. 🙂

  2. dennis madalone Says:

    Hi this is dennis madalone I wanted to thank you for your uplifting words you said about the song / the song is a message of hope from allllll of our loved ones that have passed away all WE have to do is truly listen and Believe and they will always be with US. Love is truly allllll WE need. love to the WORLD dennis madalone and my family.

  3. dennis madalone Says:

    Believe and know that it is true / all of our loved ones are always with but in a different way. love to alllll dennis madalone and my family.

  4. Gilligan Says:

    I’ve known Dennis for over 30 years as a friend and stuntman; he is the real deal! His song has literally swepted across America and overseas via the internet! It’s amazing what was once an idea is now a reality. A Song and a gift that has touched people worldwide has taken on its own identity and has become an anthem for all nations.

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