I have nothing to say – It’s too damned hot…

July 1, 2006

It’s so god damned hot outside today! It’s approximately 84 degrees F in my room and as usual in England, there is no air conditioning in the house so its bloody hot.

I have been saying that it is too hot to write anything all day.. and it is. I am unable to be creative today so I thought I would list some simple facts.


  1. I am going back to PC after working with an iBook as my laptop of choice for a few months. I have reached the conclusion that MAC OS is not for me. If you want to check out the auction for my iBook G4 1.02 Ghz laptop click here.
  2. I am excited about some interesting changes at Global Geek Podcast, can’t talk about just what is changing, I can only tell you that it is going to be big when it does happen!
  3. My room is a dump, I need to fix it, but it’s too damned hot.
  4. Trying to have a Skype conversation with Dave and he is complaining about the fans I have going, – stiff shit Dave – It’s too damned hot to turn them off.
  5. If I were made of chocolate, and sometimes I sincerely wish I were, I would be melting.. or already a puddle..
  6. People DIE from this HEAT!
  7. The noise from the fans is worse than the heat! – Shit – No it’s not!
  8. Somebody PLEASE send an air conditioner!
  9. If the house was made of ice… I would have drowned by now!
  10. The worst part of all of this is it is only going to get HOTTER!

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