Tiger on the Loose in Urban England!

June 27, 2006

TigerRed Alert! If you live around here (Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract, Sherburn in Elmet, Church Fenton, Knottingley and other surrounding areas) You need to be a little worried about a certain big cat that is roaming around.

The tiger was spotted in Church Fenton which is about 15 minutes maximum from my home by car last Friday and has not at this time been captured or killed. This is a serious problem for everyone in the area especially if you want to walk your dog or take a walk in the countryside.

I sincerely hope they find this rogue animal soon because I am worried myself about taking the dog for a walk or anything.

Thus far the experts say that the desriptions seem to be of a “12 month old tiger” and that it might “be a cub that someone has brought here ilegally and released”

You can read the official news story from the BBC HERE.


3 Responses to “Tiger on the Loose in Urban England!”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    Hey Dude! I was wondering where I put my tiger… Just be thankul that you don’t live here, plenty of dogs and people for that matter taken by crocs!

    Hey I have an idea – you could have organised safari’s from your place and charge like a wounded bull! But offer taxadermy as an extra.

  2. landron Says:

    ya dude i mean come on dis was like ages ago so dis tiger is soooo not around any more so u r noy ^ 2 d8!

  3. Dude! Look at the date on the original post. It’s you who is a little late… not me. When that post was published the Tiger had been reported the day before! You know how they say Read the f*cking manual? Well you should Read the f*cking post…dimwit. -S

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