Skype – Telemarketing – Follow Up

June 21, 2006

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Skypes LACK of response to my requests for contact have spoken volumes.

Unfortunately, after numerous attempts to contact Skype both through direct phone calls to Ebay headquarters   in California, to messaging people who I know within Skype’s organisation, I have been left with nothing but answering machines, non-returned messages, and non-returned emails. It seems that Skype does not want to justify their position or offer a counter argument in this situation.

Skype has shown they do not take bloggers seriously in any regard, even with news and direct petitioning for a response.

Investigation on this matter has been suspended. All comments and emails are still welcome. Thank you for all your support during this investigation.

One final note.

This comment was sent to me by someone with whom I am becoming friends and I told him I would post it in the final word.

Artie Wayne says:


Sebastian, for the past month you and Joe Klein have
encouraged me to join the wonderful world of Skype.
You guys even shamed me into upgrading my computer to
Windows MP and next weekend, I was planning to install
Skype. Now I’m having second thoughts!


If Skype can’t respond to an overwhelming negative
response from it’s customers to the insidious practice
of allowing telemarketers to interupt not only
conversations, but train of thought…then that’s a
company I don’t want to be with.


Regards, Artie Wayne


UPDATE: 5:00 PM GMT Thursday, June 22

I am currently trying to engage a spokesman from Skype for an opinion on what has happened. I would also like to clarify the policy for the usage of their network for this kind of activity. Ebay has not responded to phone messages I have left for their “Media Relations” Dept.

Please continue to comment on this matter, and see the follow up article on DIGG.COM

If you have had a telemarketer call you on Skype, I would like to know about it.

-Also thank you to Cameron of G’Day World for having me on his show this morning!

END OF UPDATE – Stay tuned for more on this story.


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has commented on this blog,, email, other blogs, and podcasts about this article since last night. I was and am really stoked when it appeared on G’day world this morning, thanks Cameron!

First of all let’s get my negative feedback to everything that has been said – off my chest, my keyboard, whatever…

Those of you who have suggested that the privacy settings that prevent someone who is not in your contact list from calling you need to consider a few things:

  • This is a application for communication, sometimes people you don’t know.
  • I am a podcaster and I like my listeners to be able to call me on Skype and leave voice feedback on my voicemail.
  • Does your telephone have a “firewall” on who can call you? When someone calls you do you have a recorded message play that says “Hi, this line only accepts pre-approved calls? If you’re not pre-approved you can’t speak to the line-holder. Good-Bye.” No, you don’t! So why should you have to set something like that up on Skype? Doesn’t Skype want to replace normal telephone communication in the long run? Doesn’t that implie they will make it above and beyond normal everyday telephone service?

A few of you have felt it necessary to point out how this blog entry was pointless or “idiotic” or whatever:

Until you can offer an argument of why it is pointless more than “What do you expect” or “Skype is free, stop complaining” I think your response is not only wasting your own time, but just shows why you don’t understand the significance of this.

For those who have said this entry was unwarranted because it only documents one victim and one attack,, and because of this it is not a big enough problem..Do your homework! Check the internet, there are loads of documented attacks from SPAM on Skype!

Alright. I am finished ranting.

I was pleased to see a passionate and immediate response from the Skype and internet community on this matter. It shows that you care. This is a good thing for Skype as a company that cares about its user base to see, it gives them an incentive to stop Skype-spamming and telemarketing once and for all.

There has been an interesting lack of response from Skype on this matter. One has to wonder if there are board meetings going on at this very moment or if they don’t care. I would imagine that they do care because it seems that a good number of the Skype community are shocked and dismayed to see this happening and would like to see some action.

I would be pleased to receieve an official reply from Skype on this matter.

A couple of final thoughts to mull over…

Do you think Skype might be encouraging telemarketing and setting up advertising rates for telemarketers?

Do you think this is Spam and Skype will be dead against it, and we will hear from them shortly?


6 Responses to “Skype – Telemarketing – Follow Up”

  1. dtenjo Says:

    I certainly see the possibility of Skype wanting to setup this was of advertising. It seems about time for them to really start taking advantage of such good product. Really too bad for us customers….

  2. Bman Says:

    “Does your telephone have a “firewall” on who can call you? When someone calls you do you have a recorded message play that says “Hi, this line only accepts pre-approved calls? If you’re not pre-approved you can’t speak to the line-holder. Good-Bye.” No, you don’t!”

    Actually, I sort of do have that, in a roundabout way. My phone is set up not to let anyone through if they block caller ID, and any caller ID I don’t recognize talks to voice mail. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s really important, they’ll leave a message. (They never do.) That’s why I’m completely happy with Skype’s option to not accept calls from people I don’t know. If I could put an honest-to-goodness whitelist on my POTS phone (with everything else going to voice mail), I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    But I understand that I’m probably atypical. However, as long as you have Skype configured to let anyone, anywhere, anytime call you, I think stopping telemarketing is going to be very tricky. Even more so on VOIP, where filtering is much more difficult than e-mail. And even though Skype is a closed network and therefore has potentially more control to clamp down upon something like this, circumventing a ban would be so easy for the spammers that banning them wouldn’t really do much good either.

  3. draegoon Says:

    Do you think that skype would set an advertising feature that helps the telemarketers to make money? That would really suck and people might just boycott skype if it does do that.

  4. jammy Says:

    wow…a full-fleged podcaster…will listen to more of your podcasts and get back

  5. jr Says:

    I hope skype treats you better

  6. Michael Says:

    I am getting skype spam from teen age gilrs, china , philipines mostly three to four a day thgis has only occured in the last week and is getting worse by the day i never had this before and have been a skype user from the start . What is going on??

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