“The Morning Guy”

June 20, 2006

The Morning GuyI barely got this email, Thunderbird decided to put email from my friends at the PodcastVoiceGuys straight in junk! Good god would I have missed out, and you would too, because this is one of the funniest things I have seen in quite a while!

One thing is for sure, if you have anyone in your family who are DJs, Radio Presenters, TV Presenters.. whatever.. you have got to check this out. My mom said she could definitely identify this with more than one person that she knows! 

So what the hell is it you say?!

It’s an awesome little short film that shows what happens when you marry someone who works as “The Morning Guy” or the Good Morning Los Angeles! and what a beautiful morning it is, it’s 7AM and the rooster has crowed and it looks like it’s going to be a great day! This segment has been brought to you by Tropicana, because nothing wakes you up in the morning like a tall glass of your favourite orange nectar!

Sorry, that little intro was my script, but you get the idea. What if you lived with someone who actually lived like that!  Well this guy does. And his wife isn’t too happy about it!  And the scariest thing is, I can actually identify with this. Because of my interest in radio, the fact that I am a podcaster and a very serious one at that, I sometimes wonder around the house saying things in authoritive tones!

Crazy eh? Well that’s why I can identify with this. Any agents or producers reading this right now? I love radio, and the passion shows! 



One Response to ““The Morning Guy””

  1. rockwatching Says:

    How can anyone possibly muster that kind of enthusiasm all the time. I would be fired within a week. Some days I get into work and it takes a lot to muster any kind of hapiness – maybe I am abnormal or maybe its job stress. I usually manage to pull myself together after about two hours. First unhappy morning by the manic morning guy (me), Drink your damn Tropicana orange juice and be happy! Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

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