A Very Talented and Inspiring Individual…

June 19, 2006

Brandon HardestyI first saw some of Brandon Hardesty’s work the other day when I was on YouTube looking for Star Trek stuff. I was bored and looking for some mild entertainment when I came across his rendition of a scene from Star Trek: First Contact. It is the scene where Captain Picard and Lilly argue in the observation lounge before Picard decides to destroy the Enterprise himself. I watched it as I had seen First Contact so many times that scene can be played back like a DVD in my head to this day, I was very impressed, not only did Brandon act opposite himself, his acting was pretty fantastic.

At that point I started to go in search on YouTube of other things Brandon had done and was pleasantly greeted by a great deal of other projects. All “re-enactments” from popular films such as Home Alone, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Pulp Fiction, As Good as it Gets and more! I was developing a strong interest in the technical side of the films by the time I had finished with the First Contact and because I am an editor I was watching the editing. I was really impressed with the convincing and entertaining exchange between the “characters” See for yourself.

I went to Brandon’s website where he has showcased acting work he has done and linked to the various press he has gotten and in my opinion duly deserved. After watching his work and seeing that he had put them on YouTube some with tens of thousands of views I realized that the work I had done that is similar might have similar value on YouTube. So 3 hours after I found Brandon’s videos I was uploading my own to YouTube which you can also of course find on the My YouTube tab at the top of this blog.

I took all of this one step further last night when I did what I said I was going to do since the first time I saw the First Contact re-enactment, I wrote Brandon a short email from one film student to another. Not quite sure why I wanted to write to him, aside from the fact what he has done and continues to do closely resembles what I was doing all last year, although I only acted opposite myself once (Due to this article I have posted that video in the MyYouTube section of SebRT.

Thanks Brandon for the inspiration, your performances are funny and well executed, I know what it is like to play cast and crew! I hope you continue to enjoy success with your filming, directing, and acting endevours.


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