Good things come to those who VLOG

June 16, 2006

I am seriously considering trying something new. A Vlog. Why not? Everyone is doing it, and I just listened to TWIT show from Vloggercon and it really sounds that if you want your blog to go somewhere it can't just be written word anymore. Since I am interested in working with video, why shouldn't I try and put out a video blog entry at some point instead of always doing written word.

I was listening to TWIT as I just said, and I was most interested when they started to talk about the bloggers who were writers turning to the video medium to get their stuff more noticed in the blogosphere.I recently have a really interesting conversation with Dave Gray, my co-host on the Global Geek Podcast, and he told me he is not interested in promoting his blog, and getting it "noticed" The only reason for this is he is a little bit older than me, 14 years, and he has a career that he is happy with and is happy to stay doing. I am still trying to find my way in this medium which I have come to realise is called life.
Another thing is I am a bit of a stickler when it comes down to production quality and I think it is going to be difficult to "throw-together" a video blog and just know "its just a vlog" so production doesn't matter. Thats going to take some getting used to! Stay tuned for something like a Vlog.. very soon…


3 Responses to “Good things come to those who VLOG”

  1. Knightwise Says:

    I tend to disagree that the written word has come to an end. Allthough we blogg from our hearts ( i hope we all do ) words give us that little extra artistic edge to get our message across. Sure , you can do it with video to , ( I imagine putting together your own tribute movie of 2001 a space .. just to let people know you love Stanley Cubric) but the fact of the matter is , is that production time for a vlog is much higher then the production time of a blog. This way a blog can follow ‘real life events” at a little more faster pace then a completely produced show. So I tend to disagree . Blogging did not stop when podcasting came .. podcasting will not stop when vlogging comes.

  2. edz1624 Says:

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