No DVD Burner? No Microsoft Windows Vista Beta!

June 9, 2006

Windows Vista logoI just saw on Scoble’s blog something I have been waiting to see for a couple days/ that Microsoft Vista is now available for download in beta.

Microsoft has a section on the Vista site with their Vista Update Advisor, which I downloaded and ran. My PC (Athlon XP 3000+ with 1GB DDR) is apparently quite capable of running Vista. I was quite pleased I would be able to beta test the system, and started the process of downloading it.

To my dis-belief and horror it is only available in DVD format to download and sadly my DVD-Burner died two months ago only 10 months into its life. There is an option to PURCHASE the beta at a cost of 10.98GBP +VAT.

So let me get this straight. Microsoft, who has been late in delivering an OS by 4 years, and has pissed a lot of people off is now charging for me to try their OS before I buy!

So with my Vista ready PC I am still plodding along, I booted into XP this morning to run the advisor to see if I would be able to beta test Vista. I am not saying that I would just start using it, I just wanted to see what it was like. You know, any geek would be…

This is the message I felt that the Vista site conveyed. I think valued Microsoft customers should be provided with free Beta CDs/DVDs but that is just me. Not only do you have to pay, but you have to fill out all sorts of information before they tell you it is not free. Even a questionaire! Obviously, Bill Gates, doesn’t see it the way I do. He is quite happy to collect personal data on me, and then tell me I have to pay. I won’t be buying another burner yet though. Unless Microsoft sends me a free DVD copy, why should I try it? Take it from a blogger…Excuse me while I boot back into Ubuntu -Sebastian Prooth

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9 Responses to “No DVD Burner? No Microsoft Windows Vista Beta!”

  1. davo Says:

    So you’re bitching about a huge OS requiring a DVD burner, and about how a corporation would charge a fee to recoup the cost of making+shipping a DVD with it already on it?

    I’m sure the heads at Microsoft are deeply concerned that you won’t be trying their product. Truly.

  2. The Rooster Says:

    Last time I checked this was a blog. Yeah a blog, you know a place on the web where someone, anyone, can post their ideas and opinions on whatever they like. This is Sebastian's opinion. Nowhere does Sebastian say that he wants Microsoft to care about him as an individual nor do I think he expects it! Your very response is one of the points that I think he is making!

    Rather you could add an equally insightful, intelligent comment rather then being a cynical looser who has said nothing other than to be sarcastic.

    Then again this is a blog and you are entitled to your comment and therefore your opinion, regardless of how useless it is.

  3. Knightwise Says:

    tell me , what operating system does require the complete content of a DVD for just the kernell. I mean .. When I buy (or get for free) the dvd for suse linux 10.2 it comes with a shitload of software AND the os. Using up an entire dvd just for the os is a complete waste of space on both the dvd , the harddisk and the internal ram. Instead of trying to do more with less , microsoft sees a bigger mule and just chucks more baggs on it. No matter how fast your pc is , life is not gonna speed up with these gigantic operating systems who carry bad memory management and totally unneeded eyecandy to hide the holes in the core. The only one who are going to benefit is Microsoft and the hardware manifacturing companies ( who hold the national WINDEV conference where mickeysoft and the hardware developers set insane hardware norms just so you are going to have to buy a new computer no matter what). Tell me , what extra options does XP need to make it work ? Don’t tell me that they have to move from a cd to a dvd just because they included the legacy of security patches for IE on the medium.

  4. Some Person Says:

    I agree with Sebastian. I cannot download the beta because I have dialup (unless I feel like leaving it connected for 17 days). I cannot order the beta because they charge $6. Why is MS charging beta of their expensive software, which in the end, we will be forced to buy? Some Linux software companies (like Ubuntu) send out free cds in the mail. Ubuntu ships theirs from France. So, if a Linux company can give out cds from France to the US, why can’t MS give out cds to their own nation?

  5. Percze Raymond Says:

    I found a great CD/DVD burner I used to write CD/DVD images in Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5384. This program is ImgBurn in this place:

    Have a nivce day! 🙂 🙂

    Percze Raymond

  6. Jim Says:

    If you don’t have a dvd burner (there what, 25$?) your out of luck, because the other 90% of people do. Your not being screwed out of anything, you just can’t beta test a very buggy product (lots of bsods and incompadibilities). Anytime companies offer to send stuff “free” to addresses it is subject to major abuse, not to mention dvd’s cost money unlike cd’s.

  7. Steve Says:

    2007, Windows XP & DiAl Up ?!?!?!

    Well for the person who has dial up i feel for ya….but only so much, high speed really isn’t that much anymore and DVD burners are
    uber cheap (even in canada)

    I do understand the want for the beta.. i am feeling it too, but i missed out on the sign ups so i am just beat..but i ain’t gonna let it get to me. so wel all have to suck it up and put out serious dough to Billy!

  8. You’re a bit late off the mark matey…

  9. hozefam Says:

    This is useful …… great help buddy

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