I’m sick of Windows – And not the glass kind.

June 4, 2006

I am so sick of crashing, lockups, f*ck-ups and just the general irritation that goes with running Windows on a daily basis. For even the most normal of tasks such as writing this blog entry in MS Word, I have the constant fear of something giving in, a memory leak or an illegal operation. What? Illegal? My computer traffics drugs now?

KDE Kubuntu 5.10In the last few months on more than one occasion I have considered moving to a Linux system. And in the last month I have tried to get Kubuntu 5.10 working and was unable to tackle certain challenges while trying to get it to work as “seamlessly” as Windows XP. I finally got to installing Kubuntu on one of my main SATA drives this last week with the help of a Linux guru. We overcame the massive obstacle of being unable to get the sound to work. It seems my Sound Card is not supported so we have reverted to using the onboard sound on my motherboard.

I worked with my guru for almost 24 hours until last night when everything seemed to fall into place. I am not a command line geek, in fact calling me a geek is extremely risqué because I am not a geek. I am more of an enthusiastic power user. But I got linux working, and I am now able to use the terminal to tell it to install programs with the “Sudo apt-get install” command. This really made me shout for joy and when I was able to get my DVD playback working and overcome yet another obstacle of the playback being too dark to see what Captain Janeway and Tuvok were actually doing on the bridge of the Voyager I was free to move onto the next step.

I made use of an excellent script that everyone is talking about, it is called EasyUbuntu and it is a script that allows you to install everything that you need to run such as DVDs, MP3 support ZIP archive support and more. This is really helpful because like I said, I am an enthusiastic power user, not a command line geek! I am feeling like a little XP-rogue. I am not saying that the way I have Kubuntu running right now is more stable than Windows, but it has the potential to be and it does not feel like it is going to totally die in the ass all the time. When it does, killing the application usually gets you back out of the hotwater as quickly as you fell in.

I have never been very good with the whole partitioning thing….

As some know I lost a Hard Drive while attempting to get Linux to work about 3 months ago. It was during the process of a linux attempt that the hard drive actually died. The drive was practically new being less than a full year old and I was really worried about trying to install Linux on my replacement drive. Well I put it on my second drive this time, a SATA 2 disk and it worked just fine, EXT3 Journaling and a Swap partition of a gig. So far nothing has died and I am quite happy with the performance with the SATA Drives.

So Linux is working and I still have my Windows XP partition for when I want to fuck up what I am working on or use a programme that hasn’t got a linux version. If I could run all the Windows programmes and keep it really stable I would see no reason to maintain a Windows installation.

If you want to find out more in the technical side of install Kubuntu go to their website or hit Google. There are loads of blog entries, wikis and websites devoted to helping people who just do not have a clue like me!

If you are planning to install Linux I would suggest if you have no experience yet you find someone who can help you, buy a book and run the Live CD of the version you want to try before you do any drive partitioning. A Live-CD is a bootable version of the operating system that runs off your DVD-ROM and in RAM. It does not change anything you have stored on your PC or MAC. And when you decide to go ahead and install a real version I would suggest you make a full backup of your data before you do so. Invest in a good partitioning programme like Partition Magic 8.

Have fun with Linux! Comments are welcome.


2 Responses to “I’m sick of Windows – And not the glass kind.”

  1. Good thing about the easyUbuntu program. I’ll have to download and try it out since I’m having so many problems trying to get the programs installed properly and into the correct “folder”. And with my Linux Master so far away… Well, you get the picture. 😀

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Well best of luck with EasyUbuntu. It is the most awesome tool and really makes it a breeze for us novices with breezy 😉 -Seb

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