Libsyn doesn’t always deliver

May 28, 2006

Wow, its been a couple of days since I sat down to write something for the blog! I am pleased to say even though there has been a break I have got some killer content to talk about today! Things have been a little hectic lately and I was just finishing up my final project for college, Sunday, being today, starts a week of vacation from college for Spring Break! Whoo Hoo! You are quite welcome to check out the video which is the almost finished version of the video part of my final project for college. I uploaded it to YouTube so that it is easier to share online!


LibsynToday’s blog entry is another testimonial. I am focusing on the podcast hosting service Liberated Syndication, or Libsyn. I have been using the service since December 2005 and have been quite happy with the overall service received for my five dollar a month fee paid via Paypal.

The Service and What you get.

You can select from the package that suits you, for me the five dollar a month package is appropriate as I do a weekly podcast and that is what they recommend, unlimited bandwidth and 100MB of up-loadable content per month. They host a website/blog where you can announce your shows and leave shownotes. CSS from WordPress allows you to create a somewhat stylish blog to post your podcast or you can just write your own site. All this really does seem wonderful, and it is. I have not met another service which provides what Libsyn does for as cheaply as they do, and that will be the reason that they are so popular! They are putting a lot in the service to make it work.

The Gripes

I have had a few gripes, some existing since before From the Director’s Chair, my original podcast, and Global Geek Podcast, my current podcast merged. I was a little peeved when I would attempt to access my site and it was down, in some cases for almost full days! What got me more was when Libsyn “apologized” it was on their blog, they couldn’t even be bothered to send their paying customers a form email. It reads something like “We were down for a few hours, we had some hardware problems, and we apologise.” (Obviously not quoted exactly)

In my opinion when you are paying for a service, you don’t expect a little apology on the blog of the service, and an email apologising is still a bit pushing it, you want some sort of compensation! This has happened a few times, and I know the service is only 5 dollars a month, but some people will be paying 30 dollars a month for their best package! Which when they are down does their customer out of a days service, which really makes them owe each customer who has been down 1 dollar time's worth of service.

More recently larger problems have emerged while using Libsyn. Those of you who use the service or have been to a Libsyn Blog/Podcast site will know that there is a little player offered by Libsyn that plays your latest podcast. The player on Global Geek Podcast stopped working about 17 days ago. We have sent 3 emails to Libsyn support and have received no response what so ever. We resorted to finding another player which we managed to do at long last and only after my co-host actually blogged about this very issue.

In conclusion to my little attack on Libsyn I would like to say I think it is a fantastic service, really good, most of the time. But being down and apologising in a tiny way and not replying to support emails when given plenty of time is not acceptable. Just because we are only paying 5 dollars a month does not mean we don't deserve to get good support. I would like to see some improvement. Maybe they could learn a thing or two from the WordPress Team. –Comments Welcome


2 Responses to “Libsyn doesn’t always deliver”

  1. Nat Guy Says:

    Hey this is Nat Guy from the Feed Player: the podcast player you mentioned that you all switched to. It’s great to see the app being helpful. I hope to keep making it more and more useful. If you have any comments send them my way.

    Also I see you’re working w/ video yes? If it’s of any use: we should release public versions of two new video Feed Players soon.


  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Hi Nat Guy! Thanks for stopping by SebRT. And Thank you for the awesome podcast player! It certainly is helpful! I am most interested in talking to you about the video feed player you speak about! Let’s talk about that 🙂 -Sebastian

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