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May 22, 2006

There are many different ways that you can publish a blog entry! In fact it was just yesterday I was searching the Apple website for a widget for my Ibook, running OS X Tiger, to publish an entry to my WordPress. After messing around with the widget for about half an hour I was unable to get it to interface to WordPress and I abandoned the project. It said my API address was wrong or some other techno babble. This morning I was in need of something to write about as I have not updated my blog in days. Dave found me something to write about and amazingly it is a blog publishing tool called Qumana. This is not a typical review, I am covering my opinions and first impressions of the product.

Qumana11Qumana is a free utility that is designed for both Windows and MAC. I am reviewing the Qumana for Windows. Its purpose is to interface with your blog, be it at Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, etc. It’s a great idea, a programme that lets your publish to your blog without actually going to the blog website. If the programme featured everything that WordPress does it would be worth considering this piece of software as a programme to replace the hassle of loading up WordPress to blog.

QumanaThe Interface: Once you install the programme Qumana you are greeted with a dialogue box to input your information for your blog’s address and your user name and password, in my case a WordPress blog and account, obviously. Then you have the actual blogging interface. Even though it gathered all my previously used categories it takes a little figuring to realize that the new category m`aker is actually the tag dialogue box. This could be a little clearer. Then you have the actual WYSIWYG box where you can “format” your entry with the usual array of options (see screen-cap) There is a source code viewer available just like you are working with a what you see is what you get web editor.

My qualms with Qumana are mostly aesthetic. I don’t like the way the programme presents itself. I mentioned in my initial observations after I installed the application that it has the feel of Castblaster (a podcast recording utility) The feeling is of a rushed interface that doesn’t quite deliver what the designers would have originally wanted.

The Website: I am not sure this piece of software was ready for wide-spread consumption. As previously stated it has a bit of an unfinished feeling to it and does not live up to the buildup at the website gives. The website www.qumana.com is extremely Web 2.0, very production savvy, great marketing sense, great use of colour to grab your attention. It does however state that this programme is a Beta and is in version 2.0. Everything is a beta these days though right?

The website is really easy to navigate to get the programme, but once I had it, I felt immediate disappointment with the delivery. You don’t have to take my word for it, download it and try it for yourself!


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  1. olorinsledge Says:

    It’s in Beta version 3.0 now Seb! And even though you’ve said it’s a disappointment, I’m gonna download it and check it out… be back later with my “review”!

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    It says 2.0 on their site dude, the mac version is 3.0 – Would I be right in reading your post as hostile..? Seemed a bit. I was just talking first impressions, I think it feels a little unfinished…. Just my opinion. Like I said you don’t have to take my word for it! -s

  3. olorinsledge Says:

    Whoops my bad, guess I didn’t read the webpage correctly. Haha. Nah no hostility mate, that was supposed to be a “look man, it’s gone from version 2.0 to 3.0 – wow” remark. Didn’t come across that way though, doh! 🙂

    Speak of which, I’ve downloaded it and reviewed it. Similiar thoughts to yours BUT I’ve also checked out another tool called BlogDesk (http://www.blogdesk.org). Not sure if you’ve tried it, but give it a go. Review on my blog!

  4. […] Ok, so I’ve just been over to Sebs website and noticed that he had a review on a blogging tool called Qumana. It wasn’t a glowing endorsement but I thought I’d download it and give it a go anyway. I also found a comment somewhere, not sure where, about another tool called BlogDesk. Both were free, and we all know free is goooood, so I decided to check them out! […]

  5. tektrekgamer Says:

    Yo Olorin! Hey no prob dude. My next stop is your blog to check out your review of this other program.. BlogDesk.

    So cool to know I am inspiring people to review 😛 -s

  6. Phil Coyne Says:

    You might also want to try out the Performancing extension for Firefox, interfaces with your blogs from inside the browser, very useful.

  7. Phil Coyne Says:

    Oh, another thing; your RSS feed isn’t updating for me. Might want to take a look at that.

  8. danb Says:

    I’ve posted my review of Qumana 3.0 for OS Xhere. I must admit the OS X version didn’t have the unfinished feel that you experienced with the XP version, but that said I’m not a developer and I tend to overlook these issues.

    One question, does the XP version include a “DropBox” that sits squarely in the middle of your desktop? It’s soo infuriating, and there seems to be no way to get rid of it!

  9. olorinsledge Says:


    Yep the XP version has the ‘DropBox’ that just plonks itself on your screen and is ‘always stay on top’ so you always see it. It’s pretty damn annoying and that’s another reason BlogDesk is better than Qumana! It has a similiar feature but is called ‘NotePad’ and is accessed via a menu in BlogDesk – much neater and less obtrusive.

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