WordPress – Back in full swing!

May 17, 2006

WordpressIf you remember I was pretty critical of WordPress back on May 1st with my WordPress Down – Again! post. I was sick of the constant down times, 404 errors trying to reach my blog, posting errors, the list goes on. Well WordPress released a statement today on its blog.

This is part of their statement:

  • We quadrupled our database hardware and doubled the web servers powering WordPress.com.
  • There is a live copy of your posts, comments, and uploads in San Diego, California and Dallas, Texas.
  • Backups are still made hourly.
  • Most pages load 2-3x faster, and the new hardware should scale to well past half a million blogs.
  • We consumed a lot of Dr. Pepper.

I am really excited that they are storing the blogs on multiple sites! Should really help reduce the down time should that happen, data loss should be virtually impossible, and of course seperate parts of the United States allows servers closest to you to serve you the data, for faster delivery.

Backups being made hourly is fantastic, what more could you ask, can you imagine the size of their databases here at WordPress? How many terabytes are these sytems storing of data? Since I rarely blog more than once in a 24 hour period, I am very happy with 23 backups between posts!

I have noticed WordPress performing quite a bit better in the last 24 hours, and it certainly feels more safe when navigating the Dashboard. Before when I would navigate the Dashboard I was always under the impression it was about to fail! Not anymore!

And what can you say to Dr. Pepper! Let's see… I drink that while I am geeking too! So that's wonderful.

Overall I am a hell of a lot more pleased with the way that WordPress is running since they have completed these refits to their file and storage systems. I am pleased that backups are frequent and stored on multiple sites, and I am more confident about staying with WordPress, even as a serious blogger, rather than moving to Typepad, which is something I had considered during these down periods in the last few weeks. Now this is Web 2.0 🙂
Good Job WordPress Team and Keep up the Good Work!!


Comments Welcome.


One Response to “WordPress – Back in full swing!”

  1. The wordpress-crew is certainly doing a great job.

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