Is AIM Pages a Myspace Killer? No Way!

May 15, 2006

AIM PagesAs you will find out when you listen to episode 4 of the Global Geek Podcast I tried to sign up to the new AIM Pages service.
I decided to go back today and try and get a profile going over on AIM Pages. I started to create the profile about 20 minutes ago and I have had multiple problems while creating the profile which I will share with you, so you don’t waste your time with this website until you have read the problems you might encounter while registering!

Number one, the site is NOT intuitive, not easy at all. I am glad I have blog creating experience or I would have been struggling to get this profile up and going. Once I selected a profile from the tech group, I applied one I liked, or so I thought, more on this later.

Then I proceeded to actually fill out the “modules” and build the profile. What a yawn. The about me section malfunctioned every time I opened it up to edit it, and once I had placed the text and said OK I want to keep it, I saw that it did not show up against the background, so I went back into the editor and selected white text, to show up on this brownish clay coloured background.

The photo uploading system is difficult as well, once you figure out that save does not mean upload/keep, and you have to hit upload, you will be greeted with a dialogue box that has an upload interface, good luck getting it to work the first time around! When I selected the images to caption them once I had uploaded them, it took clicking around them, on them, everything, to get the caption box.

I realized after trying to set up the Contact me section, not to bother. Why? Because what you select to show up as methods of contact don’t even show up when you hit apply!

And if all these problems were not enough, I decided to have done and apply the profile. When I did I was greeted with a totally separate theme than the one I had selected, my words did not show up against the background so I had to highlight the text on the page to read it, and most of all when I went to edit the page again, it died in the ass. Totally. I was not able to get back into the edit area where I had been before.

One final problem and the one that just made me leave the entire endeavor. I went to settings, and it brings up a dialogue with one option. Leaving AIM Pages? Click Yes to delete your profile!! Oh yeah, thats a setting alright! You can check out what I eventually got out of the profile here – As you can see, the text is the wrong colour (Invisible)!

Is AIM Pages a MySpace killer? Umm.. Let me think about this one. Absolutely not. There is no way on God’s green earth that this website is a Myspace killer, I could not even configure a profile, with 11 years of Internet using experience. I have been using Myspace to store a profile for over a year, and I have never had the problems like I have had in 20 minutes trying to build a profile on AIM Pages. Web 2.0? More like Web .20. If I were AOL or whoever is behind this, I would be ashamed that some meeting deemed it ready to be released for use… it just isn't – Comments Welcome

11 Responses to “Is AIM Pages a Myspace Killer? No Way!”

  1. Jason Kolb Says:

    Although I agree with you, I do think that a MySpace killer will come along eventually, from somebody. MySpace’s head is in the wrong place–they’re holding onto their users’ data for dear life, building a huge data silo. Eventually this is going to turn around and bite them, the world is opening up and unless they do too, they will eventually die. They need to let their users use their own data. This head in the sand mentality isn’t healthy for these guys.

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    I agree that a Myspace killer is inevitable, however this AIM Pages service is in the wrong solar system let alone, never mind knocking on Myspace’s door! I agree users should be able to use their own data and it should not be used to fuel the tanks of spammers. Thanks for the comment…

  3. With all of the slimy pedophiles roaming around MySpace, I wish someone would ram a wooden stake into its heart.

  4. WBMike Says:

    Yes, the same problems I had, you had. I didn’t write about some of them yet, but I find this to not be a myspace killer. It still has much to do. I have heard they will be adding comments, and maybe an inline blog system. Right now the only thing going for me at Aim Pages is the Rich Text Module. Well from Aol Member Directory, its a huge step up, but it still has a looooong road to travel.

  5. tektrekgamer Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I just went over to your blog to check out what you had written, great article! You’re welcome to track back here with that and I will do the same, to help people find some info about this. I agree it is a step up from the AOL member directory but not by much really. I think the website just needs to be totally redesigned again. Again, I don’t think Myspace will be even thinking abotu AIM Pages as competion if they have been over there…-S

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry you had so many issues but your post is making the rounds with the various teams involved.

    AIMPages is a beta in the old school sense – it has actual bugs and known issues. We decided to go out early with it to shake out the issues as fast as possible. We put out an update for some issues this week and there’s an even bigger update coming right after Memorial Day. Thanks, everyone, for putting up with all the wet paint. We are working hard on getting things buttoned up.

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  8. Censored Says:

    myspace killer ……..
    i doubt that any thing will bypass what mypass has attained, there may be alternatives but i guess will remain no 1

  9. […] FAQQLY is an easy website to sign up to, the sign-up process is extremely intuitive and flows really well from start to finish. The forms are easy to fill out and before you know it you have a killer looking profile. It is around that time that the colours of your profile hit you. FAQQLY is primarily red, green and cream, not the best colours in the world for Web 2.0 but certainly not offensive. The neutral colours employed have an almost Christmasy feeling and can become slightly irritating over time.  Once you have your profile you can upload photos and caption them just any MySpace or AIMProfiles account. […]

  10. kristin Says:

    hey sebastian, i had invisible song lyrics in my profile for aim, and i accidentally lost them. would you share with me how you did yours? ive been doing searches for invisible text but i cant figure it out. last time i just copied and pasted the text and then wrote my own words, but i cant find a way to do it because white on white makes the letters turn grey. if yo’d help itd be much appreciated!

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