GGP 4 & A Touching Blog-Post

May 14, 2006

We recorded Global Geek Podcast 004 today as you might have read over on the Rooster’s Rail. I really enjoyed recording today’s episode, it just seemed to work, but I will leave that up to our listeners. Speaking of listening to the podcast I should point out a new widget over on the sidebar here, it is a direct link to the latest episode to download of Global Geek Podcast and the RSS Feed for the Podcast is also there.

As Dave said on his blog I think we are working better together every show, We keep getting told we have a lot of chemistry on the air together, I don’t think I understood what that meant until today when we recorded GGP4. We have a great surprise opening for the show which you guys should dig!!!

On a more serious note – I went over to Robert Scoble’s blog today for the first time to actually read anything there. I know it is one of the most “respected” blogs in the sphere but that might be the reason I shyed away. What really touched me was not Microsoft's secrets, or whatever he might be discussing about tech, it was the post about his Mother’s recent stroke that has left her severely damaged and he talks about how he feels. For some reason, eventhough the language is basic, the post really communicated the grief he is I commented over there..

Can't wait for episode 4 of the Global Geek Podcast to come out myself, I actually want to listen to it too! And the numbers for the show really could not be better at this point in the development incase you were wondering! Once again, best of luck Robert… -Sebastian Prooth -Comments Welcome


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