Don’t Caddy for the Pros, Be the Ball…

May 13, 2006

I was talking with two of my friends about my writer or blogger post and how it does not conform to what you usually read from me, I don't usually go off on a rant, and certainly don't swear at my readers. However, I am not going to apologise for any offending content as this is a blog regulated by one person, me.I would like to thank everyone who had a positive reaction to the last post and I have decided to go ahead and expand on that idea.

If you read the last post you will know that Technorati is the end all for blogging at the moment. Technorati generates a tag cloud and a lot of people will go over to Technorati and choose something from the tag cloud to write about.If you imagine blogging as a baseball game, with professional players and people who play for town leagues and private clubs, similar to the blogging world, there are pros, and there are people who blog for fun, and there are those who blog to become professional. Big Bloggers are the Dodgers and the Yankees and I guess I am part of the small town league of Boise, Idaho. Don't caddy for the pros, don't go to Technorati and pick up the latest tag to write about, BS your way through the post, and job done, I have written about something everyone is writing about! Especially, if you are a mediocre writer, you should not be surprised that no one cares what you are writing about, when others have already written about it, and some of the pros, are really compelling writers.

Instead of being the person chasing that ball all the time, you have go to think to yourself, I am going to BE the ball that everyone is chasing, take them in a new direction, my direction! Once you realise that if you write about what you know, and what you are passionate about, then you become compelling, interesting, you become WORTH something, and then you become..wait for it… a pro!


One Response to “Don’t Caddy for the Pros, Be the Ball…”

  1. […] So is the average Digger a discerning surfer? Maybe some are. Those who are will go back to those sites that are worth a second look. That is the challenge that confronts the Dugg. "I am playing the big leauge here, I will have to write something that will be popular enough so that I keep these readers coming back". So with the pressure that is exerted by the average in-discriminating Digger he or she leaves in their wake a blogger (or whatever) who is feeling the heat somewhat. Therefore, is the average Digg turning our Blogosphere into a tabloid dynasty that has zero content? Does it then become tag city that loses it's way, battling over the meager offerings from the few Digg etal. sites that are out there? I think that this entirely possible due to the peer pressure factor. However, I think that there are those that will stand out once the bubble has burst. That means that we need to learn to write for ourselves, as Sebastian would say we need to "be the ball…". I do not promote my blog much. For me the whole thing is for enjoyment and because I like it. Occasionally, I get a good story that talks about some new idea or news and I get a few more hits but nothing that special. But I know that more people read my blog today on a day to day basis than did a month ago. For that I am very grateful. I am happy to just blog when I want to, about whatever I want to, when I want to. For me that is enough. […]

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