Blogger or Writer? Or Both?

May 9, 2006

I am faced with this question everyday. Someone either refers to me as a writer or a blogger and I always wonder which one is more appropriate. Of course, both can apply at once. One thing I don’t like is that it seems that bloggers are less respected than writers, but they are doing the same thing, a lot of bloggers are writers as well.

I don’t like it when I tell someone that I am a blogger and they go and look at it and go, what am I supposed to do? It is probably the stupidest question someone has ever asked me to do. It’s like someone coming out of the bathroom with the toilet paper in their hand with a perplexed expression proclaiming ignorance as to the white towels purpose! My response is usually polite, but my insides are screaming, You read it you f*cking moron!

Anyway, I digress, I have surfed over hundreds upon hundreds of blogs, and to be honest with you, I have not been impressed. I have looked at them for completeness. I have looked at them for writing quality, and of course content. What really got to me while looking at the different blogs available, people basically bullshit their way through the English language, and leave you wondering what the hell you read. I don’t mean a blog like Engadget, GeekNewsCentral or Roosters Rail, I mean blogs like Cathy’s Happy Spot. To me, that conjures up some pretty interesting imagery and certainly doesn’t make me think of wholesome poetry and rhyme.

The question is and I don’t have the answer, what makes you a blogger and not a writer or a writer and not a blogger. I don’t think it is whether you have written in magazines or for news websites. I am not sure however you have to have written a book to be considered a writer. I think it might be state of mind, but then again, I don’t know.

My apologies if I sound like an asshole for saying that for the most blogs I have looked at appear to be the work of teenage angst. When I go blog surfing, I come across 10 blogs out of 50 that are worth more than 10 seconds, it seems that something has to JUMP out at me!

I don’t think there is any right way to blog but I think there are some simple guidelines that you can tick off to make sure that you have written something that someone else is going to read. If you write about the dust in your belly button who gives a flying fart what you have to say? I always find it fascinating when someone tells me they have no traffic on their blog and I go and look at it and discover that they have about 3 posts all consisting of belly-button staring egotistical nonsense!

I decided early on the get a general idea of what the blogosphere temperature is on any given day I choose to blog. The best place to do this of course is, Technorati. Technorati, where the sidewalk ends for blogging at the moment. Technorati is where blogs and content are indexed and a tag cloud is created so that you can see what others are blogging about. If you are blogging for traffic, choose something there, you are sure to get some hits. It is however slightly boring to just to your copy everyone and start to bullshit your way through a blog entry, easpecially if you have no idea what you are talking about. I suppose my best advice is, blog about something you know about! – So, if I were you, I would ignore this entire entry –

I am not saying I know much about blogging, hell my English is probably butchered, but I am a writer.. just remember that 😉 And of course Comments Welcome

-Sebastian Prooth


9 Responses to “Blogger or Writer? Or Both?”

  1. Knightwise Says:

    Not all writers are bloggers.. and not all bloggers are writers. I guess you turn from a blogger to a writer whenever you start to evolve beyond the belly button stare (insert copy right payment here !) and glare at the world with your own eyes.

    When you stop talking to yoursellf and start telling stories to the world. Thats when you become a writer. A blogger uses words and smacks them on the net .. A writer is driven by words and cannot help but tell the story no matter what the medium.

    A blogger either copies and pastes links and silly quotes or wallows in sellf pitty ( Go livejournal ..abyss of depression that you are) A writer inspires amuses or sometimes annoyes his readers with stories that do not always have his own ego as the focalpoint.

    A blogger lets us see his bellybutton… A writer lets us see the world.

    You dear sir .. are a writer.

  2. I would have to consider you more of a writer, because you contemplate. To think for yourself seems to be the most apparent differentiating factor between the two.

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    Why do I have to choose one?

    I’ve been a writer for more than two decades. I can say that with confidence because I’ve earned my living doing it. Still I have no problem calling myself a writer — any more than I had a problem calling myself a teacher when I knew that I was teaching and many around me were not.

    You write well Sebastian. You must because I have a busy day of writing ahead of me, and yet your blog post was compelling and moved me to respond. Bloggers cause conversation to happen. Not all writers do that. I wouldn’t want to give up that part of the definition of the kind of writing I do. I like how my writing can form a community.

    But then I don’t look down on bloggers. I look at each one individually. The same way I look at writers.

    I leave a link here because my signature is tied to my writing blog.
    Those two words go well together for me.
    Successful Blog

  4. tektrekgamer Says:

    Thank you very much for you comment Liz. I apreciate what you say, thank you for the compliment, it’s nice to hear that from another writer. I will have to delve into SOB and see what I can see, and contribute!

    I am glad that you don’t look down on Bloggers, although there are some blogs that are really not worth the webspace they are on in the way of writing quality, they all do one thing, and it shares it with any other form of literature, expession. And isn’t expression what it’s all about? -S

  5. Liz Strauss Says:

    But isn’t that true of writers too. There are plenty of writers who can’t write — go to any bookstore . . . some even have famous names and sell thousands of books. Writing is structure and expression married together seamlessly like music. When done well, writing shares the music of the language while it carries a meaningful message that touches the heart of the reader.

    This time I sign with my writing blog . . . that’s where my heart lives.

  6. tektrekgamer Says:

    Interesting point, some writers can’t write, your right! 😛 I firmly believe that writers and bloggers should conform to structure and express through the “grid” of the structure rather than re-create the language to express something they feel. -S

  7. Liz Strauss Says:

    I’m smiling. Come to my writing blog sometime. You’ll hear my real voice talking.


  8. Oli Says:

    I agree that blogging has a bad reputation when compared to writing, and although this is grossly unfair it’s understandable given the proportion of terrible blogs. If you get a 10 out of 50 hit rate you’re doing pretty well in my opinion!

    I think for me it’s about setting out specifically to write something interesting and/or entertaining. Of course what you come out with in the end can still be good or bad, but there’s a big difference between somebody writing with a purpose to somebody blogging aimlessly and expecting people to be interested.

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