FTDC Merger with Global Geek Podcast

May 7, 2006

Listeners and Supporters of the FTDC:

From the Director's Chair Podcast has made an exciting move in its development, we have merged with the other podcasting venture to which I am partnered to, Global Geek Podcast. A podcast about two hemispheres with two geeks delivering cool tech news with a funny edge.

Content delivery will be slightly different, and the RSS Feed has obviously changed. The FTDC RSS Feed will be changed to the GGP Feed. Here is the information you will need.

Global Geek Podcast at http://globalgeekpodcast.com

Global Geek Podcast RSS Feed at http://globalgeekpodcast.com/rss

I hope that you will join me over on GGP and will continue the voyage we have begun together and I look forward to hearing from all of you via email, skype, ODEO Message, and of course you can comment over on my blog at Seb's Random Thoughts.

Thank you for your listenership and support!

This letter was issued yesterday on the official From the Director's Chair website. After long thought, deliberations with Dave Gray, and finally a skype call to Todd Cochrane, everything has been decided and is moving ahead. I started From the Director's Chair back in December 2005 and it evolved several times under it's first title and course. The experiece of producing a podcast on my own is certainly something I find incredibly valuable to take to the new show, GGP.

When I started, I remember wanting to give up after only a couple of episodes because I was not getting a big enough response from people, and for some reason I thought I deserved one at that stage. I now know after doing a solo podcast for just under 5 months that feedback is few and far between, but when you do get it, it's amazing.

I find it a bittersweet goodbye to my helm, although I am in 50 percent ownership on Global Geek Podcast, From the Director's Chair, was entirly my creation, there was nothing on that show I didn't want, do, create, interview, you get the picture.
When FTDC started, I was already listening to, and trying to participate in shows on the TechPodcast Network at TechPodcasts.com. From the beginning I believed in the mission on the network, to provide child safe, and educational material. I joined the network at my fifth show, meeting the requirements, and in the last 5 months, I have become heavily involved in the TechPodcast Network, now affiliated with TechPodcasts, I produce Tech Podcasts This Week, every other week, Admin on the site forums, and generally participate in the network as much as I can. I really believe in where Todd wants to take the network and want to help us all get there.

Global Geek Podcast has taken From the Director's Chair place on the TechPodcast Network.

Now that FTDC is no longer in production, the Libsyn account I created for the show, has no need to remain active much longer, I will give it until my last day of paid time and then terminate the account. Please update your bookmarks with the GGP website, which in the coming weeks will also be undergoing a massive re-do.

I do want to thank all those who have encouraged me over the last five months with From the Director's Chair, its been a rocky-smooth road, and I have had a blast, now phase 2, with my great friend Dave Gray is in affect.

See you on GGP all comments are welcome.


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