WordPress – Down – Again!

May 1, 2006

WordpressAs most of you know I used Blogger before I moved to WordPress. I moved here to have a better looking, more professional blog. I was determined that because I moved to WordPress my blog would be totally more appropriate as a serious site. I will however say that in the time that I was a member over at Blogspot (Blogger) I experienced one episode of downtime.

I joined WordPress at the beginning of April for the afore mentioned reasons and it has been down at least every other day, and slows down quite a bit during the day, everyday for me. Because of these outages I have been unable to access the blog to post or link someone to it 6 times out of 10. Today I gave a link to my blog on a podcast that I cover which has thousands of listeners, and in the last couple hours anyone trying to reach my blog will not have been able to do so.

Even though, this is a free service, This service as it stands is maintained poorly enough to be deemed as unprofessional. It is necessary to maintain a higher standard of service on a regular basis. The danger that WordPress will become labelled as unreliable, to the internet community, is high if this low standard is the one that WordPress continues to demonstrate.

Not only does my WordPress actually become unreadable and unreachable, but my RSS feed also stops working. Which means that those who get my feed in their Feed Catcher (Such as FeedDemon) are unable to do so, and may believe that my blog is no longer updating or has disappeared, causing me to loose readers.

I do not have a problem with the WordPress staff uploading/updating themes and features, I have a problem with the fact it takes knocking my blog offline in order to upload a theme update!

I would appreciate some sort of official reply to this inquiry.


Just now while trying to post this entry I have experienced serious issues connecting to the WordPress edit engine and back to my own blog, it is not a problem that is on my end because I am on the Skype with a friend of mine and he can not load my blog either. Talk about poor consumer reliability, and stability, and most of all a seriously dissapointed



11 Responses to “WordPress – Down – Again!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Very sorry about that, we’re bringing online 11 new servers as we speak to help address some of the slowness and reliability issues we’ve been having.

  2. vickyth Says:

    I’ve foud something of the same problem, although I had serious issues with Blogger before switching over. I’m giving WordPress a bit of time to sort things out, keeping in mind that they’re at least partially staffed by volunteers. Hopefully things will improve in the near future, because WordPress is still nicer to work with, friendlier and cleaner than Blogger.

  3. tektrekgamer Says:

    WordPress seems to be behaving itself now. Vickey: It’s interesting you had problems with Blogger, but you’re right WordPress is cleaner, and in my opinion more professional looking than Blogger. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks! -Sebastian

  4. wordpress has become more reliable since the addition of more servers

  5. website monitoring blog Says:

    seems wordpress is down again… or is it only me who cannot log in to the admin part of my blog??

  6. ririzarry Says:

    I’m very curious to hear if this continues to be a problem for you as well as the rest of the community. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with Blogger’s downtime and its inability to move efficiently and effectively to the new Blogger platform. Because of this, I’m looking at my options including a move to another platform.

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