Mozilla Firefox – Are you browsing in style?

April 30, 2006

Mozila FirefoxI mentioned Mozilla Firefox recently and I thought I should go ahead and explain why I said you should be using that as your web browser of choice. I am a strong proponent of Firefox and everything that is going with it. (If anyone wants to send me a Firefoxshirt, let me know!)

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser of choice, you might want to read this as I am going to talk a little about why it is better than the other “leading brands” such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.whatever they are at now. 


Mozilla has better security. Why? The number one reason why Firefox is better than Internet Explorer in my opinion is that most of the hacks/cracker/malware people are building their attack worms and viruses and everything else to attack those using Internet Explorer. It is what comes with Windows and the browser of choice for unwitting PC users such as your dear old Granny. (Sorry to  the experienced IT professionals reading this who use IE, but if you are using IE I strongly suggest you ask yourself if you are how shall we say, with it?) This makes Firefox safer because it is not the main target. Firefox also includes better ad blocking software by default.


Mozilla Firefox contains so many more levels that are worth shaking a stick at compared to Internet Exploer 6.whatever. If you do some reasonable hunting online, you will find that Firefox has all manner of extensions, themes and of course everyone's favourite these days, tabbed browsing. Firefox has all sorts of the “little things” that make browsing the internet safer, cooler and of course, faster.

Overall Impression

Mozilla Firefox is my browser of choice and I cannot imagine using the internet without Firefox. I have it as the default browser on both my PC and my MAC. (Firefox is slightly slower on my OS Tiger 1.07Ghz Ibook) Firefox is quite the memory hog, if you don’t like the tabbed browsing, like me, you like to have multiple sessions of Firefox open and I can sometimes have up to 50 Mozilla windows open when I am deep in a complex internet search or just lazy about closing unused or no longer needed windows.

When you make your decision to go to Firefox if you have not already made it, it is a sound one. Take my word for it.

What are your experiences with Firefox, does anyone actually prefer Internet Explorer these days? 


11 Responses to “Mozilla Firefox – Are you browsing in style?”

  1. olorinsledge Says:

    No doubt FF whoops it over IE. Tabbed browsing, the search area, extensions & themes – all concepts that MS is going to implement in IE6/7 but as usual, all too late.

    I also have FF on my laptop & desktop pcs – I refuse to use IE and with good reason. It’s feature set is hopeless compared to FF with a decent set of extensions (mouse gestures, tab mix plus, adblock etc).

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Absolutley. Firefox is head and shoulders. I was just doing a basic talk about it as going into detail has been done a thousand times. I wanted to touch on Firefox because of the relavence of the browser right now.

    It would be interesting to swap extensions. I currently use Site Advisor, FasterFox, Noia Extreme for the Theme, Delicious, Show IP, and Download manager.

    I tried using IE to load my blog yesterday when I was complaining about WordPress not working to make certain it was not my Firefox, and it was clunky and slow. -Sebastian

  3. ezyduzzit Says:

    Hi Seb. I recently installed IE7 Beta and gave it a spin. Tabbed browsing! Antiphishing! Cool stuff…er, only it’s way too late. I have noticed IE7 loads pages quicker and I like the fact that you can implement an overall security policy regarding the sites you’re visiting. I switched to Firefox over a year ago and apart from a few inexplicable crashes, I’ve stuck with it. Now I only use IE for updating Windows and visiting my ISP’s homepage. My favourite extensions are All-in -one Sidebar, Scrapbook, Clipmarks, Gmail Notifier and Gmail Space. Fave toolbar is Blinklist. By the way I just listened to From The Director’s Chair episode 10 for the interview with Tee Morris. Is Podcasting for Dummies a worthwhile investment? Keep up the good work.

  4. Shelli Says:

    I forgot about that other browser. IE, it’s called? I thought that Firefox was the only browser there was. Hmmm… 😉

  5. Experienced IT Professional Says:

    Firefox is bloated and no more secure than IE if you keep them both updated which anyone with any sense would be doing anyway. It’s standards obsessed, despite the fact that the w3c standards are a total mess.

    It’s a fashion- 90% of people I know who use it can’t think of a single cogent reason to use it other than tabbed browsing, and given that IE7 has that anyway I’m not willing to take the performance hit of using Firefox.

  6. tektrekgamer Says:

    Well I apreciate your comment but Internet Explorer has been proven to be more dangerous to your PC health while surfing the net than Firefox. If you look at the amount of security updates IE is always having to undergoe it is clear it is full of holes, all the time.

    You as an IT Professional should know that the more popular browser is going to have the viruses and malware designed for it, especially since it is included with the most popular operating systems.

    Why is it a fashion? This is not supportable. Just because people use it, and a lot of people do does not make it a fashion, you might be mistaking fashion for fad. I would say that Mozilla is a bit of a fad. Since I have been using it, I have been browsing the internet, I have not had browser hijackings, viruses, nothing. Explain how IE, with which I had constant problems, manages to impress you more when it is saturated with issues.

  7. Experienced IT Professional Says:

    On a pure holes vs. holes argument I’d agree with you. Microsoft ARE complacent about fixing security holes, and this is something they have to address.

    As an “average user” people are going to use IE no matter what, since it’s the path of least resistance. What I take exception to is the marketing (not necessarily by Mozilla themselves) of Firefox as being somehow bulletproof. Without safe browsing habits Firefox is not going to be the solution to their problems- it too has theoretical exploits as yet unpatched (although fewer than IE admittedly). If Firefox users spent half as much time educating users about these things rather than abusing them for using IE (and yes I know you are not guilty of this, but many in the Firefox camp are), then the Internet would be a considerably safer place as a whole.

    What really grates is the tone of this article, which implies (a touch condescendingly) that anyone who chooses to use IE7 must be out of their mind. I am in a team supporting 400 users running IE6 and IE7, using WSUS for our updates, and during the last year we have experienced precisely zero problems as a result. This is down to education about safe browsing and having effective security policies and firewall software/hardware in place, not the choice of browser.

    Now had we used Firefox I’m not suggesting we would have had any either- I’m just saying the difference is not a marked one PROVIDING you know what you are doing (ie as an “experienced IT professional”….).

    You hit the nail on the head when suggesting that IE was a target due to its popularity. I agree, but by that argument, shouldn’t we be using Opera? It has done tabbed browsing for years (long before Firefox) and is used by an even smaller cross section of the browsing community. I personally need integration with Windows Explorer, but if I didn’t I would certainly be using Opera.

    And by the way please don’t take this the wrong way- I’m just trying to explain why I don’t subscribe to the whole Firefox thing, not trying to phrase it as an attack!

  8. tektrekgamer Says:

    What a great comment! Thank you for an in depth look at your opinion. Your comment was not taken as an attack.

    I agree with what you say for the most part, I do believe in the superiority of Firefox as a user, not as technical.

    Do you have a name “Experienced IT Professional”? A Blog? I think the readers here might be interested in reading more of what your writing.

    Thanks again for your contribution and please check out the rest of the blog here.

  9. Yep I’ve had a look around at your blog- interesting reading- keep it up! It’s refreshing to see a blog with constructive and interesting discussion in it rather than the rubbish I usually end up reading on wordpress blogs……

    I do indeed have a blog, although its target market is more my friends and family, so it is entirely un-technical. I recently moved to California from the UK, and I started it half as a diary, half an exercise in artistic writing.

    If you want to have a look it’s at .


  10. John Seets Says:

    I like firefox for its user empowerment offerings! I can select from available features.

  11. m0u5y Says:

    I like firefox but I like problems too. If I weren’t into fixing and cleaning out my computer I would have linux by now. Firefox is ok as long as I don’t end up with a random pop up blocker or some toolbar I don’t want like in Explorer.
    Of course it’s the user, not the tool that’s the problem right? Don’t drive if you can’t reach the pedals?

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