So I bought an Ibook G4

April 26, 2006

Ibook G4Ladies and Gentleman I have made a 50 percent switch of my computing systems. Instead of a Dell laptop I am now the proud owner of a Apple Ibook G4 1.07Ghz 512MB RAM 12inch Notebook! The “Tiger” as I call it is beautiful and I will spare you a review of the system, which you can find on even the most rudimentary Google search.

So like all the other reviews will tell you when I got the machine I totally flipped on the shiny sleekness of the laptop it exudes quality and the WOW! factor is definitely there.

All was not perfect, the wireless on the ibook was not functioning more than 3 feet from the router and i could not figure out why, and after exhaustive research thought to just send it back for a refund. I was extremely upset with the whole situation and worked franticly to fix it.

After much anguish and irritation I came across a website saying that if you are having trouble with the wireless that the antenna might be loose where it attaches to the Airport Card inside the laptop. I thought. I bet that's it, and I went inside the laptop by means of the keyboard release and sure enough the wire connecting the wireless card to its aerial had dis-lodged

To make a long and irritating story short and give it a good ending, I sorted out my Ibook and I am now very very happy with it. It is running the latest Tiger updates, I have abstained for upgrading to the latest airport drivers. I have a few complaints, 1 512 RAM needs to be a GIG and I will deal with that soon enough, the wireless range is not wonderful (50 feet or so with 4 walls..versus my Dell Latitude D600 being perfect from my next-door neighbours house.

Should you buy an Ibook G4? The answer is yes, you should! You can play with GarageBand, Skype (wayy better on a MAC) and of couse OS X just looks so kick-ass. It does need a BG of RAM though!

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2 Responses to “So I bought an Ibook G4”


    Ok, happy day
    I find a this laptop, I wan to by it, can you give me all caracteristic and a prise for my email please ?
    thank you

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I am not quite sure what you are asking me to do for you by your comment. This iBook is no longer current and has the G4 processor. If you are planning to buy a Mac computer / notebook I suggest you buy a more recent intel processor system like the MacBook.

    For more information about the Ibook I suggest you use Google, the characteristics you are looking for can be found there.


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