Apple Ipod Video 30GB Formats Itself

April 26, 2006

Ipod VideoThose of you who have been reading my blog for more than a few entries will know that I bought an iPod Video 30 GB, in black, if anyone is interested, a few months ago. The iPod itself is awesome, I have said this before, it is sleek, sturdy and aside from the fact it scratches VERY easily, it is the best example of an .mp3 player I have used.

After I reformatted my desktop PC (Windows XP) I lost my iTunes preferences, etc. I plugged the iPod back into the pc for the first time Monday night as I was going back to college from Easter break. It seemed to just adjust, copy the new podcasts to the device. The next morning in my pocket the device went and I boarded the train for Leeds.

To my absolute horror I discovered after hearing only a few songs, that it had only copied the few songs that I had downloaded with iTunes since the reformat and the podsafe folder I dragged to the iTunes the copy que the night before. I was greeted with the awful task of having to copy everything back to the iPod.

I am not upset about having to recopy things to the iPod, I am upset because neither iTunes or my ipod informed me that I was going to loose everything on the ipod before it formatted. There was no warning of any kind that it had lost the directories and no longer understood what a podcast was. It started putting podcasts in any directory.

The moral of the story is, if you have an iPod, and you use iTunes, make sure you know that it is going to wipe your iPod when it re-partners after you have reformatted or bought a new PC.

I don't know if this disgusting software omission affects affects Apple OS systems or not, but I wouldn't trust it to be different if I were you.

-Has anyone else experienced this?

Comments Welcome.


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