Happy Birthday Ma’am

April 21, 2006

Queen Elizabeth IIOn the eve of the Queen's 80th birthday, April 20th 2006, Channel 4 aired an interesting documentary about 10 days that have stood out during this Queen's reign. I really enjoyed the programme and I am not one to usually enjoy stuff about Royalty. I gained a new respect for the Queen yesterday. I had not realised the hardships she goes through all the time as Queen.

Every newspaper I saw today at the supermarket had a photograph of the Queen on the front wishing her a very happy birthday. I figured as I am somewhat of a writer and I live in England I should do the same.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! You are strong and admirable. I now realise what your job really means to you and to the nation and even though I am not English, I can apreciate your deeds more now.

Thank you and have a wonderful day at the party 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ma’am”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Queen Elizabeth appears to be a fine person. But my husband and I were talking only a few days ago, about how antiquated such a system is…and considered how one family becomes “royal”. However, I do wish her a very happy birthday. And I thank you for the post.



  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Thank you for the post Shirley! I only just posted that and you commented, that must be some kind of record. I am on my way to your blog directly! -Sebastian

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