Podcast Periodical – Online Magazine

April 18, 2006

Hold the Presses! This just in! Podcast Periodical has published it's first article as of about an hour ago! Podcast Periodical is an idea that I had a few weeks ago that is now taking effect. It is an online magazine that has user submitted articles that are related to podcasting, blogging, internet culture and of course technology. The mission of Podcast Periodical is to provide podcasters and bloggers with a comfortable place to publish their writing for all interested to see.

My first article on the new website was about my friend's company Podcast Voice Guys. I have spread the word this evening about the new site on Britcaster and Podcasting News as well as by mouth to some of my friends in the podos/blogo-spheres.

I am really excited the announce that the Podcast Periodical is now open to receive contributor requests and comments on articles! If you are interested in contributing to Podcast Periodical please email the Admin team.

-Sebastian Prooth



One Response to “Podcast Periodical – Online Magazine”

  1. Ste Says:

    440 actually Seb…

    I have 10, but i have to search with scw2325, coz my name is too common…

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