Google a Leviathan

April 15, 2006

googleI am not saying that I am frightened, maybe a little tense about it but not frightened. What of you ask? GOOGLE of course! What else are people talking about these days? We all remember when Google was just a good search engine. Google now covers justa bout everything, email, map software, search engine, book referencing, image management, desktop indexing…ah yes the Desktop Indexing is what gets me worried.

On my new OpenSource PC I am not running any Google applications, I am quite a fan of Picasa but I have forgone it this time, I like to have Google Earth around, but who uses it for anything other than going, “Oh , you can see my house from above!”

A few months ago I tried Google-Fasting and lasted all of about 25 hours when the campaign was supposed to last for a week! I depend on Google for internet searches and probably call on it in excess of 10 times daily.

Why should you be frightened of Google? They have gone from nothing to everything in no time at all! I am not quite sure what to make of Google other than the fact that they seem to have an agenda. What is it? Whatever it is, it seems to be working. Google is a household name worldwide, Google Ranking is important to anyone who manages any kind of website and “Google it!” has become one of the most used phrases by teachers! If it has reached teachers, no offense, but it must be firmly into the population's vernacular for teachers to be saying it seeing as most run about 10 years behind.

So I am not frightened of them, but I am most cautious of anyone who commands such public attention in so little time. When they say Microsoft is a danger to other businesses, they need to move over because Google is in that hot seat and is intimidating the best of them, after all their motto is "Don't Be Evil"


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