Computer Meltdown…

April 13, 2006

It seems that I have a broken Hard Drive or a broken SATA controller…something is up and it certainly has crippled me in the last 20 hours. It all started when my PC started booting up with nines all over the screen. I don't know what happened at that point but it has stopped me in my tracks today, I lost my current bookmarks, outlook rules for email, mozilla plugins of which I had many and I am not really sure what I had now not to mention all the stuff I have to reinstall.

So…another kick straight in the stomach as I won't have a new Hard Drive until next week because of the Easter holiday, I have written to the shop where I bought the drive as it is not very old and I think they will end up replacing it.

This whole situation has taught me a few things about backups and the absolute need to make them as often as you can. I have also learned that if I was not able to save all of my data before the partition on that hard drive died I would have been near to killing someone.

I will keep the blog updated as to the process of the PC rebuild…

Comments Welcome.


One Response to “Computer Meltdown…”

  1. John B Says:

    Sorry to hear this seb. I’ve had computer meldowns. (several!) It’s heartbreaking and frustrating. Chin up fella!

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