Update with a FAQ…I’ve finally become an aloof-celeb

April 11, 2006

I must apologise right off the bat here. I have not been very good at keeping up the blog of late. But there is a lot going on that I want to talk about here.

Those of you who listen to my podcast could be wondering what the fuck is going on as I have not produced a podcast in the last week. And the reason last Sunday for there being no show is my microphone kicked the bucket on Friday night and I was microphone-less and miserable all weekend. So you might ask:

Why didn’t you do a podcast today?

Simply don’t have anything to say right now. You might wonder what the hell that means. I might be releasing a podcast in the next couple of hours here that just explains that the show will be back at regularly scheduled time of Sunday this coming.

You used to blog everyday!! What gives?

Yeah I know, and I am going to continue to, but for some reason I have had nothing to say! Imagine that! I think that will be fixed here in a bit…

You sound totally loaded down with work, do you need help?

Yeah, I do need help…I actually backed out of a project today to free up some stress for something else. I love writing and I need to do more of it, just need to concentrate on some other stuff right now.

So have you switched to a MAC yet Mr. PC?

Well I am in the process of it. I am seriously looking to buy an Ibook G4 1Ghz or higher with airport built in, running Tiger and when my Dell Latitude sells I should be able to get the ibook I want. I am giving this whole switching to MAC thing a lot of thought these days and have decided to live dangerously and go right ahead with it.


Why not… I liked it, and if you have questions you want answered just post em, I thought I would give you a head start…


OK… I will stop with the FAQ thing..

No one knows this from me yet but here I go! My friend Dave from the Roosters Rail Blog here on WordPress (he’s the one who moved with me to WordPress) and I are working on a new podcast. The show’s title Global Geek Podcast him being an aussie and me an American living in England! It’s going to rock and we just need to work out a few more things before the first show hits the waves. We have a domain, soon to have a libsyn…no first podcast date set yet, but COMING SOON!

Oh…and I unplugged that Linux HDD in my PC…it’s pissing me off as its an old IDE HDD and makes a bit too much noise… so screw that for right now… and with that.. until next posting..

Comments Welcome…



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  1. Ste Says:

    …*Me Waits*…

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