My buddy Steve….

April 11, 2006

This is SteveI thought it would be cool to share some interesting facts about some of my friends here on the blog.

-I met this guy a good deal of time after I started to know him-

I am not quite sure how to start this other than I met Steve through an internet forum that I used to frequent called ASAP or A Site about Props. And I got to know him through there as we were both in England and rather a lot younger than most of the frequent contributors to the website.

So you might have guessed it, were old Star Trek buddies. We eventually met in April 2005 in Birmingham, England at the Memorabilia show. My only surprise when I met him was that he was taller than I expected, nothing else surprised me. When we finally met after months and months of conversations almost on a daily basis, I felt like I had known him for years anyway. Quite a cool guy, I always thought he didn’t quite have my talent with the paint, but he is a committed guy to most things, and he knows there are certain things about him that I admire which need not be mentioned here. No! Nothing rude..Good god get your mind out of the gutter!

Steve and I talked for ages over Skype for the longest time, we planned a fan film, all manner of projects and most of all we played Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force online. That was interesting, and he got a lot better and surprised me, totally knocked me off my feet by the time we stopped playing. Was really quite hilarious when he shouted down the VOIP “use a different fucking gun!!”

When I left the PropFixs forum, the forum we moved to after ASAP became full of noobs and paramount spies, we didn’t talk a great deal but more recently we have been talking through MSN. He is Microphone-less now so don’t expect an exciting conversation over skype!

Like anyone else, Steve can be a jerk sometimes, not to mention drunk and anything else…the bastard seems to have a way with the girls…Other times he can be really cool. I sure had a lot of fun at Memorabilia and I doubt it would have been as fun if Steve weren’t there to harass!


3 Responses to “My buddy Steve….”

  1. Ste Says:





  2. Ste Says:

    And in a slightly less hyper mode…

    When i first met you i thought you were kinda, obnoxious… but after talking to you every day for about 3 hours a day, over a length of about a year, you became slightly more tolerable =P

    Due to various things, the amount of conversation we have now has kinda deteriorated, but i hope that we can pick that back up again, provided i get a new microphone.

    Hehe, i can’t believe you actually wrote that…


  3. Ste Says:

    pfft, you didn’t add that msn quote in…

    [ s t e ] – {Qué?} says
    omg, i just tried to change TV channel with my mobile phone and couldnt figure out why it wasn’t working


  4. edz1624 Says:

    Hahaha! I was happy that kind of guy still existed in this world. We can also meet lots of funny but sensible guys on the net like on webdatedotcom and man you’ll gonna love them too!

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