Christmas in Malibu – In Spring

April 2, 2006

Christmas In Malibu Record CoverI wanted to write about this awesome Christmas song, and I know it's not Christmas time but I wanted to talk about this song a little bit. Christmas in Malibu performed by the Rad Dudes a holiday hit from the late 1980's that my good friend Joe Klein wrote and produced.

The singer explains that it is Christmas time and that there is no reason to be happy because the singer's surf board is broken and they have run out of beer. Santa Claus comes anyway with a very familiar voice and gives them waves that they want and makes them really happy and in for the whole Christmas thing. -A happy ending.I love this song, not only did I have no idea it was written and produced by my friend until very recently, quite a while into knowing each other, but I had heard it on the Geek News Central in December 2005 and thought it was awesome and had cut it out of the podcast to keep as a song for myself.

I am lending my voice to the Tech Podcasts This Week podcast which is a weekly produced show that highlights upcoming shows that week from member shows. The show is usually helmed by Todd Cochrane. I am excited about doing this as I get to help out at the highest levels of the Network, the show is heard by over 3000 people every week, and it's a different kind of show than FTDC.

From the Director's Chair Podcast #16 was released today with an interview with Bill Fortune of the Podcast Voice Guys an affiliate with From the Director's Chair. I also dedicated this show to Amos, Dave Gray's (My Australian podcasting friend) dog who passed away last Friday.

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2 Responses to “Christmas in Malibu – In Spring”

  1. K Fingerett Says:

    Why did you leave blogger? Is wordpress better or something? [just wondering]


  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Heya. Great to see you over at the new blog, I moved to WordPress on an impulse, but it is quite a bit better actually very nice web2.0 setup interface and such. You might want to move over here yourslef being quite the blogger you are. -Sebastian

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