March 22, 2006

I am writing this entry as I am halfway between Doncaster and whatever is the next stop on my way to London via GNER. It is a very comfortable seat and I have a table with my notebook on the table in front of me. I just realised I forgot something which really pisses me off, but I think I will get over it!
I am going to see my father for the first time today since December 2004! I am really excited, he has come to England for a visit and I am going down to London to stay with my brother so we are all in the same place. So I am quite excited about this trip.
The journey allowed me to switch the ipod onto an audio book which is a new experience with the device. I am listening to some normal music as I write because like most people if someone is reading a book in my ear I can’t write something of my own.I was thinking about using this time to work on my book but I have just discovered that I will be unable to do that because it is stored on my USB keychain which somehow did not make it into my pocket this morning, of all mornings!For those of you who are monitoring Chester’s condition he is doing a lot better and my mother has decided he can come from solitary confinement as he is no longer destroying the place with his un-measured bathroom duties. I am quite excited that Chester seems to be recovering as many of you know I had pretty much accepted his near demise.
And for those of you who catch my weekly podcast, there may or may not be a production this week. I am extremely busy over the next few days and don’t see it being very possible to record a normal show. I have my iriver which I can hopefully do a small sound scene tour and put that out for downloads.
Lots of exciting things happening for the FTDC in the next few weeks, I am expecting to hear from quite a few people, I recently joined the Britcaster site forum and discovered podcasters who are practically on the doorstep compared to Hawaii or Indiana.

Comments are very welcome..!




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