Final Major Project

March 19, 2006

As anyone who reads this knows, I am a college student studying media. This means that I have to make films, record radio shows, etc. We have reached the point in college where we have started submitting proposals for our Final Major Project, which must be either a video production or a radio production. I was really excited about doing something for the podcast until yesterday, when a much more, AMAZING idea flew into my brain.I will set up the scene. We went for a walk here in the town where I live with the dog down by the river where there is a path for doing just that, walking. We were just going along until something happened where I looked over the edge of the path at the river below. There was trash everywhere, it was disgusting. Empty bottles, paper, car wheels, I even spotted a fridge. I see this and as I stared at the mess my Final Major Project became all too clear.

I would do a video documentary about the de-evolution of this town and make it poingant and long. I have already started to think about how I want to go about shooting the film before I have written the proposal to the college tutors. I have already pretty much completed one proposal, but I will scrap it in favour of this one. I am going to create a 15 -20 minute documentary with strong film sense, interviews, vox pops, statistics and more. I can use the new Iriver to record the audio as I fear that the audio from the camera will not hold up to the new professional attitude I want to give this piece.

I will be taking some pre-lim shots today when we go on that walk again. Stay tuned.


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