Television has a mind all its own……

March 15, 2006

3:38 AM March 14th 2006

I am awoke to my mother telling to wake up. I was unsure what the time was but since I am usually the hardest thing to wake up my brain thought “Oh, well it must be around 6:30” and I am just tired. My mom told me that there were voices coming from the living room, which to explain a little about the geography of the house, is directly under my mother’s bedroom.

I thought, oh shit. I reached into my bedside drawer and retrieved my medium sized maglight with the inch diameter maglight and my mobile phone. I thought, whoever’s down there is gonna get this maglight on the forehead! I gave my mom the LED flashlight, not a very good weapon, but certainly brighter than the dying Maglight. We mounted the stairs and headed down with determination, at least I had some determination; I burst into the living room to find the place in darkness only for the light spilling from th TV screen! As a part of evening procedure my mom always turns the TV off at the switch on the TV, this is the second “off” on the TV. You can shut it off with the remote, that leaves the TV on standby, and a little red LED on the front active, so you know it’s on. So, the TV had managed to turn itself on past the actual pushbutton and right through to the second setting of on and was on a channel that we don’t watch, and was at level 35 volume, so really fucking loud!

Obviously I turned the lights on and cleared the living room and went to the kitchen and made quite sure no one was in the house, and noted that the lock system we employ was still in place and had not been disturbed since I had fastened it 4 hours earlier! So, the TV had managed to turn on by itself and this is an unsolved mystery, no idea how this happened.

End of paranormal activity report.

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