Mr. Kitty has to go to the vet….

March 15, 2006

On the same day as the dramatic television incident, but three hours later, I was awoke again by my mom to another piece of frightening news. She said that Chester was sick, and that he had been straining to go to the litterbox. As soon as I saw the way Chester was behaving I thought I knew exactly what was going on, because my mom only confirmed it. The cat that my parents brought from the U.K. in 1981 when they moved to the U.S. lived to the age of 15 and passed away in 1994 because he was having serious trouble going to the littlerbox, To make an incredibly long and stressful story short, we got to the vet and he was not as sick as we thought he was. It seems that Chester has a bladder infection. We had to leave him there most of the day and we went to get him at 4PM. He was still under a lot of anaesthetic when he came home and slept in on the bed in the spare room until about midnight around that time he actually came out to sit in the hallway in “Chester” style instead of complaining, he was sweet when I went to see him and he nuzzled my hand when I reached for him.

The entire ordeal with Chester was extremely stressful and of course the visit to the vet was not a free trip, but if we did not go Chester would probably have died. I would imagine he is a lot better this morning, he was more active and had to take his medicine which with cats is almost impossible.

There will be updates about how Chester is doing, a discussion about the TV and it’s sentient behaviour along with some other news on From The Director’s Chair Podcast for which I am producing episode 13 today. Also for this interview is the interview with Evo Terra of the Slice of Scifi Podcast and a testimonial of using the open source program N-Vu, a web authoring tool.


3 Responses to “Mr. Kitty has to go to the vet….”

  1. Aww… I’m glad Chester is well again 🙂

    Share pictures! (please?) I would like to see what he looks like.

    Glad to see your keeping up with your posting- your blog is doing well and it looks great! I went away for a while- but I’m back and I’ll be sure to stop by here again 😀

    ~K Fingerett

  2. Too cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    ~K Fingerett

  3. dvox Says:

    Get well soon Chester! From Dexter the Dog and dissident vox!! 🙂

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