The Coolest Dude….

March 12, 2006

An interview was scheduled for yesterday at 6:00PM GMT with Joe Klein of Podcast Voice Guys. We went ahead and initiated a double-ender interview (I record my end, he records his, nothing rude) We recorded a great interview, went really well. I already know Joe from talking several times before this interview so I am comfortable before we start the interview and it is not a problem at all.

So we conclude our 25 minute recording session and continue to talk for about an hour after the interview. I was scheduled to go to the Roundtable and I went ahead and invited Joe to the event. He agreed to go and when 9:30PM rolled around we were in the meeting, and on skype and continued to have a great conversation during the meeting. The audio feed kept on cutting out from TechPodcasts so it was not a problem to have a Skype conversation at the same time.

We continued talking and he shared some of his memories as a DJ/Announcer/Voice Over guru in the 1970's in Hollywood. He told me about the studio he had then and who he knew and how he would hang out with the big names. I love hearing him tell these stories and he certainly has the coolest voice for telling stories. We shared stories about our dogs. He told me about some really quirky things he used to get up to with his dog as a "partner in crime" quite hilarious.

Joe simply dosn't sound in his early 50's when you talk to him and the memories seem to flood back in hyper reality in such a cool way. Very interesting to hear him tell about the "old days" when things were simpler. So Joe has this great voice, obviously, he would not be a voice over artist if he didn't and he has been trying to help me develop my character for my podcast and one of the steps is creating a cool surname.

So a new surname, a great interview and a really awesome conversation with a recording guru who thought he was retired and is now back with a vengeance. Stay tuned.

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