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March 11, 2006

Let’s talk a little about my Star Trek interest. If you’re groaning about that keep reading I think it’s an interesting story. For as long as I can remember I have been a HUGE Star Trek fan, I was interested in all aspects of the TV Show. The interest was so strong that I was occupied in the brain constantly by Star Trek and things that went along with it.

And by the way, when I say I can remember quite a ways back my earliest Star Trek memories are watching the fifth season when it was on for the first time and 1991/92 convention seasons. Star Trek: The Next Generation was still immensely popular at that time, believe it or not, even more popular than it was on TNN/Spike TV! Star Trek was my life…Seriously..until about November 2005. I have been able to get away from it more recently but until then it was in every thought process, every comparison, every schedule…”Will it cause me to miss Voyager? Enterprise?” “Oh my god! That tricorder is from DS9 and Seven Of Nine is using it!” incidentally that happened, in the episode “Dragon’s Teeth” of Voyager’s 5th season to be more precise. On the right there is a photo of me in a First Contact uniform I once had.

Anyways, back to the story. So, yes, my brain was cluttered with useless Star Trek knowledge, loads of everything Star Trek, things I wanted to buy, and most of all things I had to have or build from the show. Ah, the building, I have always been a bit of a builder, very good with my hands, but not at all good at DIY, seems I can assemble a tricorder from cardboard or resin but when it comes to putting a nail in the wall or replacing a door-knob I am as useless. Anyways, so my prop habit started about 1996 where I first became interested in the actual things that were used on the set and began to realise that they were not just the toys painted on the show. I will say however that way back in 1991/92/93 I had a few of those TNG Phasers, and the first few my brother and I had, my dad painted the emitter tips black, unlike the clearish pink that they came out of the box like.

Anyways my prop collection grew into something more than toys and I had some very impressive built pieces during my Star Trek prop tenure. I can say that I had a rare TNG Tricorder, the kind with the electronics on the front, phaser rifles, Voyager tricorders with double ratcheting doors…the list goes on and on. The photo on the right here shows a Voyager Tricorder Mark X, this particular prop I built and was a fantastic piece and recently sold at auction.

My interest in Star Trek drove me towards working in film and television and during my hiatus from college in 2005, I worked a great deal on “home-made” Star Trek films/scenes. I worked with a simple digital camera with a microphone and caught some of the coolest video I have ever shot. The props loved the camera more than I did since they were exactly what was on the TV screen I was ecstatic with what I saw. -A great example of the prop looking awesome is when my “Voyager” phaser had the “shine” on the handle like they do on the show- Talking a little about my Star Trek filming I should cover that by the time I was finished shooting home made movies with the digital camera I was able to beam, fire a phase pistol and do multi angle stunt shots! Here are a few examples of the beaming and phaser firing effects I created in photoshop. Shown on the right here is the title card that displayed at the end of one of my film productions back when I first started. The entire episode lasted just under 5 minutes had about 3 scenes and about 400 cuts.

My prop interest finally closed in December ’05/January 2006 as my interest in podcasting, technology, and writing settled in their place. My interest in media is still there but it lies further towards the business aspect, writing and less the production.

I hope this entry has helped readers further understand where I have come from with my Star Trek interest and where I am now.

-Comments Welcome

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