New friend down under…

March 9, 2006

I want to share a recent connection I made with someone in the podosphere. I am so incredibly excited about knowing this person that I have decided to write about what exactly I am excited about.

It all started when a person who I started talking to randomly from the Ecademy service networked me to another “podcaster.” She described him as Australian, and very interesting.

So I thought, Interesting is cool, I am going to call him up, so I opened up Skype and added him. Boy, was I glad that I did! I started talking to Dave Gray a Podcaster, Blogger and tech geek….sound familiar? Well if you didn’t make the leap, he sounds like me! And maybe that is why our first conversation lasted in the region of two hours, and today we spoke for a whopping 5 hours. Obviously have way too much to say, both of us. But we speculated today, that us podcasters do have rather large egos.

So yeah, had a really great series of conversations that have spanned from exchanging ideas about podcasting, to creating a podcast that we both host, to exchanging helpful links, programmes and tips..and loads of other things! I have Dave to thank for the new professional look of my Podcast show notes! I will go ahead and describe what is used now to do them, NuVu, it is a get WSYWIG editor for people like me who are dumb-asses with HTML coding. Just check the new notes out at the podcast main site. He has also hooked me up with FeedDemon a RSS Aggregator which is pretty DAMNED awesome. I went ahead and bought it already, 29.99 USD seemed like a steal…

Yeah look for some interesting things coming from David and I working together, I think something is bound to come of this friend down under.


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