A flood of dormant memories

March 5, 2006

I had an interesting email waiting for me in my hotmail account the other day, it was from a girl, now grown like me, that I knew when I was in Middle School in Salinas, California.

It was an interesting boon in my day to hear from for all intents and purposes a memory. My middle school days were not my best, I had a HARD time getting along with the people who were my peers, and to be honest, still do with people of that “troubled” age.

So why the hell are you telling me this? Well you wanted details right!!? So here they are so shut up and listen (Sorry, had to do that, it was fun) Ok so I started going to Gavilan View Middle School back when we first moved to Salinas. So thats about 1999 right before the supposed meltdowns of life as we know it that they dubbed “Y2K.” I am happy to report that my PC rolled over at midnight without so much as a flicker of the monitor or a grunt from the CPU. Although I had hoped for something slightly more exciting, and my Dad was at work, expecting the worst.

Anyways.. back to Middle School. When I went there were several aspects of the school I liked. For example, it was well designed, nice teachers (the ones who didn’t threaten to kill you, mind you they said it was playful, but I hated it, I was sensitive you see..) Yeah so, the school was nice, the kids, were aweful. I hated every moment of the interaction that I had with the kids there. The ones that I got along with were so few and far between, I remember every single one of them. And if any of you, who got along with me in GVMS want to get in touch I am happy to hear from you. Those of you who were nasty to me, can fuck all the way off.

I remember having a few teachers who I used to talk to, a lady who’s brother is now the Principal at North Salinas High School, if you know who he is you will know who I am talking about. Those people were nice, real nice, not false or anything. And I think teachers have to be nice to the bullied kids right? Maybe it goes without saying, but even if they claim not to see it, they see EVERYTHING…they KNOW who is being bullied and anyone who tells you otherwise is smoking crack.

I remember the god damned 20 minute run, where you were given 20 minutes to circle the smaller football field with a piece of paper and everytime you got around 1 revolution, you were award with…wait for it…..a SLASH on your paper. Whoo hoo! Sorry I just see PE as a total crap, especially when you are graded for how fast you can run. I am not a good runner, I have NEVER been a good runner. I don’t care about running…Need I say more here? As it turns out it seems i might have arthritis in my 19 year old left knee…ridiculous eh?

Anyways..moving right along. My memories of Middle School are fractured because I went to two Middle Schools. I just had to write this down about GVMS before the memory was lost to RNA history…or someone cleared my history by visiting multiple places…

Time for another story… Comments Welcome.


One Response to “A flood of dormant memories”

  1. I’m sorry your time in Middle School was so crummy 😦 For me, Middle School was okay- not a care in the world really. High School was the trouble…

    You said: “My memories of Middle School are fractured because I went to two Middle Schools.” Well, I understand how that is because I was in four different schools from 8th grade right up ’till I graduated High School. So yeah I have delt with being the “new kid” a.k.a “fresh meat” lol… but yeah…

    Oh, and about the “arthritis in my 19 year old left knee” … that is kinda crazy- you might want to get that checked out :

    Still enjoying your blog and I’m ready for “another story” 🙂

    ~K Fingerett

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