Moving to England 2003

March 4, 2006

In September of 2003 I moved to England with my Mother. (I could stop there, but lets go a bit more in depth)

The move to England in 2003 was a massive undertaking, from seperating from my Dad, to selling the car, selling belongings from the apartment..all sorts. It was a big decision and although I question whether moving back here was the right one everyday I am accomplishing more than I ever did before. With that in mind, I am 19, and when I lived in America I was 16 and less which makes me a “child” and “incapable” of most things right? My mom decided that she was going to move back to England earlier in the year and a long negociation process started, whether I would be allowed to choose what I want to do. At 16 I was perfectly capable of making a decision, but we had to go see some sort of counselor and all sorts of stuff. In the end it was my decision, as it should have been all along. Obviously I chose to come to England, and I chose to do it for a few reasons, and without going into too much detail of my personal motivations we got here on September 23rd 2003.

When we got here, we stayed with my grandma on my father’s side for a week, and we don’t get along very well for some reason, we do fine on the phone, and since we moved here 2 years ago, I think she might have developed more respect for me. We then “drove” up to Yorkshire to stay with my mother’s parents and we were there from October 4th til January 6th of the following year.

I was soon in school here, Sherburn High School to be a little more precise. And as everyone had been saying, the girls were quite interested in me, one thing you will see however is that it was not me that they liked, it was the fact that I was “new” and “American” they were completely shallow like that and I was too stupid to realise.

I eventually got out of that school after I realised not only was I wasting my time, people didn’t “really” like me, but also that the head teacher who had been very supportive of me started saying that nothing I was doing in the way of work there was really counting for anything.. I was damned if I was going to do work just to prove it.

So I went to Leeds College Of Technology and interviewed for a placement in IT, GNVQ Intermediate ICT to be more precise. And I completely fucked up, I did a lot of the work, but the “friends” that I developed during that year were also shallow, child like and not at all interested in me. My school year took a fatal blow when my Grandfather died in April of 2005 and I was out of college for weeks and then I had become so far behind that I “dropped out”

This is the beginning of a new section of my life…which I will detail later. Comments Welcome.


2 Responses to “Moving to England 2003”

  1. “…one thing you will see however is that it was not me that they liked, it was the fact that I was “new” and “American” they were completely shallow like that and I was too stupid to realise.”

    I can relate to that… only we called it “fresh meat” lol. I moved many times during middle school right through HS. So I had to deal with that ALL the time.

    Well, I enjoyed this post very much and I’m looking forward to reading more of these ‘details’ that you speak of 🙂

    ~K Fingerett

  2. Hey Sebastian,

    Just got a chance to “catch up” on some of my reading (which of course, includes your blog) after becoming quite disgusted with my low bandwidth connection and other assorted PC problems that I’ve been having as of late.

    As usual, you continue to impress me with your natural writing abilities, the various projects that you are involved with and basically just your drive and ambition.

    This entry in particular spoke volumes to me as to who you are as a person and what seems to fuel all of that drive and ambition. You are wise beyond your years, my friend. That is a good thing, trust me on that! So keep at it, writing, podcasting, prop making and everything else that you are involved with.

    I know that there will definitely come a day when I can say “I used to kind of know Sebastian Prooth before he became the most sought- after…” Well, I think you know the rest of that sentence better than I do!

    Take Care,


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