Building my internet presance…

March 3, 2006

I know I am not a famous celebrity who has photos all over the place and living the high life in Malibu or Cornwall..or where-ever.

But i will say that I do have a certain amount of presance on the internet. We’ve all done it, checking search results for your name, to see if anyone is talking about you. “Sebastian Prooth” pulls up lets see here…102 Results.

Well…102 results is better than none. My podcast is now on show 12 and I am enjoying the production on the week to week basis.

I am thinking about another approach to the blog. I am going to start talking more about things that changed me, made me feel good, bad whatever. Not saying this version of the blog is going anywhere, but I think it is time to open up just that little bit more.

Stay tuned.


One Response to “Building my internet presance…”

  1. “…thinking about another approach to the blog” huh? Hmm… Well, share away 🙂

    Staying tuned…

    ~K Fingerett

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