News, FTDC Updates! Big Post

March 1, 2006

Well a lot has happened since my last blog. Let me go ahead and outline exactly what is going on.

Ok. Well the other day I started talking to a person in a random skype conversation that has sort of blossomed into something much more than a random conversation. The deal is, Penny Haynes of 1stpod Publishing, and the Business Podcasting Expo and I got to talking and I agreed to work with her and to work as the UK Host for the Business Podcast Expo which will be taking place very soon. An official press release will be available soon at

In effort to better advertise and network with podcasters and businesses here in the UK I went ahead and registered to and with the widespread business influence over there, we should be able to get quite a few UK “goers” to the event. I have been working closely with the admin team which consists of Penny, a gentleman who is our idea generator, and myself. We are also looking for people from other countries to host in their locality, such as Australia and The Asian Countries.

If you are a business or a podcaster that wishes to attend the event and you want more information, ticket information and venue and exhibit descriptions please contact me through this website.

Further updates will be made to my personal blog (this one) to keep my readers informed of exactly what is going on as I get the information and the permission to share it.

From the Director’s Chair Podcast is BACK! Show 11 will tomorrow today with an exclusive interview with Kiptronic’s Jonathan Cobb, a business partner of Libsyn I will also be discussing the upcoming expo and my direct involvement. As always if you have something you want added to the show please send me an email with your suggestion, promo, comment etc and I will have it on the next show.

Comments Welcome!


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