Appreciation. What do you appreciate?

February 23, 2006

Let’s talk about appreciation. Who do you appreciate? I will tell you who I appreciate…

Let’s see, start with parents, I appreciate my parents, for one I would not be here without them. And I mean that in two ways. One, obviously my mother gave birth to me..duh…and two I live with my mom, so in any case, I would not be here, without my parents.

I also appreciate my few fans that I seem to have developed from doing my Podcast, Blogging and other endeavors I have gotten involved with. I appreciate the teachers at the college who say, wow, you’re going to go far if you continue like this. I appreciate EVERY single person who comes to this blog and reads what I have to say, I know that some of it is the most boring crap you have ever read in your life, so I appreciate you coming to read it.

I appreciate a person who doesn’t have to commenting on my blog, because of something I said on someone else’s blog, and telling me I am a good writer and they are going to continue to read what I wrote. I can’t stress enough to that person, and they know who they are, how much it means to be told that what I am writing is good to read.

And last but not least, I appreciate the fact that my Pastor from Salinas, California emailed me back today after I contacted the webmaster at the Church. I was so excited to hear from him I wrote this huge long email back right away, and I am very very exicted to hear back.

Final Word: It’s nice to appreciate the appreciators.


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