Writing a book…..

February 21, 2006

You knew that right? I’m writing a book. Well I started about 4 hours ago. I have decided how I want to go about writing the book and I have put a good start on more than one chapter. It is amazing that I finally started writing, now all I have to do is keep going until it is done. I was thinking very hard about this over the last few days. I have been thinking very hard about writing a book, producing a weekly podcast, attending college full time, and trying in vain to have some sort of personal life. One of these things is going to have to take a back seat and it won’t be college. I really want to get this book out as it is directly to the market that is available from what I can see. With Enterprise ending May 2005 and Star Trek props not selling as well one eBay as they used to, maybe this has to do with the fact that the market for Star Trek is saturated. This is not worrying as I am getting over my Star Trek obsession and thinking about moving on from it. I am facing my deepest personal demon and my long time best friend while writing this book. If anyone has any comments on this you can post them here or email me….


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