Pay to hear podcasting….

February 21, 2006

Not sure I approve of this idea at all. It seems that some want to make it so that you have to pay for podcassts. The rate they propose 1 USD per episode. They are quite happy to pay it would seem. I am not happy to pay for content from podcasts. You do not have to pay for the radio after you have bought it for the first time why should you have to pay for a podcast? I think that is why having a sponsor for your podcast is such a great thing, it allows income from the podcast without exploiting your listeners, which is what I feel that it is.

It’s like if you came to this blog tomorrow and it said, sorry to read this entry you will need to deposit 1 dollar via paypal. Would you pay it? I’d find another blog, and that is what people will do with podcasting. The ones that charge will isolate themselves from casual even serious listeners, especially students and people who do not have money to burn to listen to something that used to be free.


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