Slashdot Submission

February 19, 2006

Last night I submitted a story to Slashdot. It was about my recent Wikipedia deletions. So let me go ahead and fill you in. Wikipedia has deleted both the article about me, and my show that were created. Both articles we non-offensive, correct and followed Wiki guidelines yet the arrogant admins who “moderate” Wiki think they are better than me so that they can pass judgment that I am not “notable” enough to mention and my show is not notable enough to have a entry. This boils down to somebody sitting there playing god and I AM SICK OF IT. I am not going to recommend, use ANYTHING Wikipedia. I will go as far to say I don’t want an article on Wikipedia now as it is not a good place to get information with such delete happy administrators.

If you want to quote this in your blog or talk about this in anyway please email me before you do and I will provide you with a more complete testimony of my recent issues with Wikipedia.


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